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| rear_image = Blista-GTAIII-rear.jpg
| rear_image = Blista-GTAIII-rear.jpg
| manufacturer = [[Dinka]] <small>(GTA V)</small>  
| manufacturer = [[Dinka]] <small>(GTA V)</small>  
| vehicle_type = Civilian [[:Category:Vans|van]]
| vehicle_type = Civilian [[:Category:Vans|van]]<br>Civilian coupe
| body_style = 4-door minivan
| body_style = 4-door minivan<br>2-door coupe
| capacity = 4
| capacity = 4 (GTA III/LCS)<br>2 (GTA V)
| game_1 = GTA III
| game_1 = GTA III
| game_2 = GTA Liberty City Stories
| game_2 = GTA Liberty City Stories

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"Blista" also refers to a compact city car in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars which resembles the Blista Compact hatchback. The GTA Chinatown Wars Blista is covered under the Blista Compact article.
A Blista in GTA III.
(Rear quarter view)
A Blista in GTA III.
Appearance(s) GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
Vehicle type Civilian van
Civilian coupe
Body style 4-door minivan
2-door coupe
Capacity 4 (GTA III/LCS)
2 (GTA V)
Manufacturer Dinka (GTA V)

The Blista is a modern minivan in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In Grand Theft Auto V, the Blista appears as a two-door compact car and is made by Dinka.



The Blista resembles a third generation Dodge Caravan in appearance, depicted as a modern minivan in contrast to the older Moonbeam. Despite the Blista's minivan design, it can only accommodate three passengers and one driver, the same as any four-door vehicle. Its name, rather unpleasantly, sounds like a portmanteau of the words "blister" and possibly "Honda" (probably referring to the Honda Odyssey, even though it has a closer resemblance to the Dodge Caravan).

During development of GTA III, the Blista was originally known as the "Space".


The Blista is considerably faster and more agile than its size and appearance would suggest. It is driven by a powerful engine, possibly a six-cylinder, channeled to the front wheels. This leads to a degree of understeer at higher speeds, but less than one would expect for a vehicle of its size. Remarkably, its handling statistics are very similar to the Kuruma and Taxi, two small, agile compact sedans.


GTA Liberty City Stories


  • In GTA III, the Blista does not spawn on Portland, except through Firefighter or Vigilante missions.
  • Due to what may be a coding error, the Blista cannot be picked up by the crusher in GTA III; the game responds with “Crane cannot lift this vehicle.”, despite the crane having no trouble lifting a Coach into the crusher. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the Blista is able to be crushed, although the crane cannot pick up larger vehicles.
  • A vehicle resembling the Blista can be found in Rockstar North's Manhunt 2.
  • In Croatian, "Blista" is translated as "It's shining".

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