Bombs Away!

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Bombs Away!
Game GTA Vice City
For Auntie Poulet
Target Cubans
Reward $2,000

Bombs Away! is a mission for Auntie Poulet in which the player must kill Cubans by bombing them with an RC plane.



Auntie Poulet is the leader of the Haitian gang, which rival the Cubans. She wants you to kill the Cubans on a boat with an RC plane attached with bombs.

The Mission

Get a car and drive to the blip indicated on your minimap. Enter the Topfun van so you may begin to fly the planes. WHen you are above the Haitian boats, drop the bombs to kill them. Some Haitians might try to escape, so you may need to do a bit of chasing. The Haitians will also be firing at you, so make sure your plane doesn't explode.


Tommy: Oh, sorry, I must have the wrong address.

Auntie Poulet: Well you might as well rest your soul and have some tea. Do you have something there for me Tommy?

Tommy: Yeah... This place feels familiar to me, uh - it's - a smell from childhood - a deja vu...

Auntie Poulet: Now Tommy, I'm going to whisper a little errand for you. Hear me well, aye?

Tommy: You look like someone I, I...

Auntie Poulet: The Cubans have fast boats they use to cross the seas with drugs. It is their livelihood. My nephew been making little flying bombs to take them out. Blow the boats to coffin wood.

Tommy: Thanks for the tea.