Bone Voyeur!

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Bone Voyeur!

JD O'Toole
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Joseph Daniel O'Toole
Target Prostitutes and Pimps
Location Red Light District, Portland Island, Liberty City
Reward $500
Unlocks Don in 60 Seconds

Bone Voyeur! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Joseph Daniel O'Toole from his Sindacco run bar in the Red Light District, Portland Island, Liberty City


Toni drops by Paulie's Revue Bar to collect more money from O'Toole, who is experimenting with a prostitute called Raven. O'Toole gets changed out of an outfit and into his regular clothes, and the pair enter JD's van. They then drive around the Red Light District looking for JD's prostitutes. They collect money from the five prostitutes in the area and kill two rival pimps along the way, collecting their money. Toni then drops O'Toole back at bar to complete the mission.


Toni Cipriani: Hey! JD get out here! Hey JD, you little sicko, get the fuck out here, before I come in there and break your legs!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: I'm coming... but not like that, ha ha ha! Hey, Toni, que pasa? Give us a hug.

Toni Cipriani: Woah, you're sticky!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Oh, it's the stripper stuff they put all over me, you know. They like it, you know. They put it anywhere and uh... so, how you doing?

Toni Cipriani: What the fuck are you wearing?

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: What, this? I'm an adventurous lover. You know I like... an experimental side, y'know? Nothing wrong with that, huh? You can watch if you like.

Toni Cipriani: Oh, you're sick. You better shut the fuck up, right now.

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Okay, relax Toni...

Toni Cipriani: Where's my money?

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: See, that's the problem. We are getting ripped off. Alright, now you wait here. I gotta go change out of, uh... this thing, you know. Hey Raven - time to put away the double ender.

(O'Toole goes back inside the bar to change and then comes out in street clothing)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey Toni, let's you and me go for a drive. We got some things we gotta check out... Okay! Okay!

(Toni and O'Toole make their way towards O'Toole's van)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Ah, I'm sure the girls are ripping me off.

(Toni and O'Toole enter the van)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: We better tour the neighbourhood and see what's up.

(Toni and O'Toole drive around the block and find a prostitute)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey, that's one of my girls.

Prostitute #1: Hey JD, I got your money right here.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a second prostitute in an alleyway)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: That's one of my girls in that car.

Prostitute #2: Hi, JD. I was just about to bring this to you, honest.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a third prostitute by a shop opposite Pay 'n' Spray)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey, I recognise that girl.

Prostitute #3: Geez. Don't you trust me no more, JD?

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a fourth prostitute in a car by the construction site)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey that pimp is ripping off one of my girls. Get the money back, Toni.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and spot a prostitute with a rival pimp)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Stealing one of my girls.

(Toni runs over the rival pimp and pulls up next to the fourth prostitute)

Prostitute #4: Hey, JD. It's been a slow day. This is all I've got.

(Toni then runs over another pimp and collects his cell phone. They then drive to a store up the street from Ammu-Nation and spots a rival pimp)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: What the hell is that pimp doing? Get him, Toni.

(Toni then runs over the rival pimp, collects his money and drives around the area and spots a fifth prostitute)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: That girls one of ours.

(Toni pulls up next to the fifth prostitute)

Prostitute #5: Talk about big brother. Here's your stinking money.

(Toni and O'Toole then return to Paulie's Revue Bar)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Nice work, Toni! I don't think the girls are gonna give me any more trouble on this shift.


The reward for completing the mission is $500 and the Don in 60 Seconds mission is unlocked.

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