Boomshine Saigon

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Boomshine Saigon
Game GTA Vice City
For Phil Cassidy
Location Phil's Place
Reward $4000
Unlocks Ability to buy weapons from Phil Cassidy.

Boomshine Saigon is the second and last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Phil Cassidy.



Phil wants you to check out his new boomshine bombs he's been building, so go and pay him a visit.

The Mission

Go and visit Phil in his shop, Phil's Place. He'll be drunk, but he wants to show you something, his boomshine bombs! However, when he shows you one, he'll press the detonator, but thr bomb won't explode. So, the drunk Phil goes over there to fix it, and he does, but by doing it he accidentally sets off the bomb right next to himself, blowing off his left arm.

Now you will have to drive Phil to the hospital. But, thaks to the smell of Phil's boomshine, you'll be dizzy and won't be able to see well and when you drive, you'll zig-zag along the road. You will have to drive Phil to the hospital with the blurry view of the drunk driving.

But, you'll be drunk driving, so if a cop see you, he'll try to pull you out of your car, so avoid the cops, but try to take Phil to the hospital fast, since, with one arm, he won't live for ever! When you get to the hospital, Phil will tell you that the hospital has too many cops and Viet Congs, so he wants you to take him to a nearby war surgeon. The surgeon is right down the block, so it'll be easy to get there.

Drop Phil off at the surgeon and the mission's complete.


(Phil's Place, Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy).

Tommy: Hey Phil, how's it going?

Phil: Heeeeyyyyy, Tommy, hoowwwaidooin? Ish been too long...

Tommy: I swear, I think you should lay off that boomshine, man - smells like paint stripper. Making my eyes burn...

Phil: Shshhh Shush youshelf Tommy. And come over here, because I wanna show you sometin. Sometin...

Tommy: Woof! God! Should I be able to smell that stuff from way over here? I'm feeling woozy!

Phil: Dont'chaworry about the smell, Tommy, you jush wash thish.

(Phil clicks on the detonator, but nothing happens, so he walks over to the bomb).

Phil: Shittycheapshbatteriesh or sometin. There's more on the bench. TA-DAA!

(The bomb explodes and blows off Phil's left arm).

Phil: Oww! Damn!

(Phil's Truck, Phil).

Phil: Watch out! Charlie in the tree line! Is it me or the roads are made of jelly? Broken Spoon to Mount Hem, you copy? Spoony Woony. Wooooooo WoooOOOOooo WooooOOOOO!

(Hospital, Phil).

Phil: Not the hospital man. Too many cops and Viet Congs! There's an ex-army surgeon who owes me a couple of favors and a lawnmower. He's got a place in Little Havanna - Oooo, look, a giant fish...

(Phil's Truck, Phil).

Phil: Black feathers beating all around...

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