Boulevard Baby

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Boulevard Baby
Game [[The Ballad of Gay Tony|The Ballad of Gay Tony]][[Appearance::The Ballad of Gay Tony| ]]
For Gay Tony
Target Monique for information
Location Maisonette 9, Bahama Mamas
Fail Die or arrested
Unlocks Going Deep
Unlocked by Frosting on the Cake

Boulevard Baby is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony given by Gay Tony to Luis Lopez.


Luis arrives at Maisonette 9, Roman Bellic is wating behind the unnamied asian woman. While Dessie checks the unnamined asian woman's ID. Luis admires the unnamied asian woman an,and Luis walks in after . Dessie allows roman in and Luis heads downstairs, but before going into Tony's office, he decides to try his luck with a good looking woman who had just walked in before him and sat at the bar. Luis and the asian woman]] have sex in the bathroom, and exchange numbers before parting ways.

Luis and the unnamed asian woman

Luis meets up with Tony and before the two leave the club, Tony introduces himself and Luis to two Russians sitting in a booth. The Russian reveals himself as Ray Bulgarin and asks where all the women are. Tony points out some women, and then askes for hookers and orders a round of drinks for the table on the house while he leaves for a moment. Luis sits with Bulgarin and Timur, Ray displays his distaste for Tony, and questions where he can obtain cocaine while Timur remains silent.

Tony returns, and Luis follows him out of the club. He tells Luis to drive to Bahama Mamas. During the drive Tony reveals that Rocco Pelosi wants Luis to hit on Monique, the girlfriend of club owner Vic Manzano to gain information and allow Rocco to get to him.

Luis, Gay Tony, Bulgarin, and Timur

Luis enters the club, skipping the line as the bouncers are aware of who he is, heads to the dance floor, and eventually finds Monique. After dancing with her, they go to Vic's office, where Monique preforms oral sex on Luis.

Vic Manzano discovering Monique and Luis

However, unexpectedly, Vic, who was supposed to be in Las Venturas, shows up, and discovers Monique and Luis together. Vic punches her, spits on her, and throws Monique to the ground before pulling a gun on Luis. Luis kills Vic, and shoots his way through the body guards on his way out of the now chaotic club, escaping just before the LCPD arrive.

After the mission is complete, Luis will call Tony, and threatens to kill Rocco for putting him in that situation.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:03:10
Player Damage Damaged attained by the player. 40%
Groove On Dance perfectly with Monique. -
Good Guy During the shootout in the club, don't harm any clubgoers, or Monique. -

Video walkthrough

Boulevard Baby (100%) mission by GTASeriesVideos on YouTube


  • If the player waits for "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz to come on, everyone on the dance floor will cheer. This may have something to do with the song being featured in most advertisements for The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • It is possible to kill Monique after killing Vic; however, this prevents the player from earning 100% by locking out the "Good Guy" requirement.
  • The name of the mission is most likely a play on the saying "Broadway Baby!".