Brian Jeremy

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Brian Jeremy
[[Image::File:BrianJeremy-TLAD.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::The Lost and Damned]]
Full Name Brian Jeremy
Aliases BJ
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1969
Place of Birth Acter, Alderney
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2008 (Age 39)]][[DOD::2008 (Age 39)| ]]
Age at Death
Nationality American
Home Alderney
Main Affiliations The Lost Brotherhood
Ray Boccino
Vehicles Crimson Diabolus
Black Gang Burrito
Voiced by Adrian Martinez

Brian "BJ" Jeremy is a character in The Lost and Damned. He is The Lost Brotherhood's Loyal Secretary, as written on his jacket.


Brian is a member of The Lost Brotherhood and is known to be fiercely loyal to the gang's incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. He is apparently displeased with the direction Johnny Klebitz is taking the gang in due to the truce with The Angels of Death. Brian constantly argues with Klebitz over Grey, and always defends Grey, even if he is making the wrong decisions. Johnny also constantly insults him, specifically his combat skills amongst other things.

After Grey's arrest in Chinatown, Johnny retakes control of the Lost once again, much to Brian's distaste. After arriving back at the clubhouse, Brian and the Random Biker argue with Johnny, accusing him of ratting Billy out. Brian splits with the gang and starts his own faction of the Lost. Later, he offers to have a truce with Klebitz but it ends up being a trap to have Johnny, Jim, Clay, and Terry killed. However, they pull together and kill Brian's men, most of the Lost.

Brian runs back to his safehouse and lets Ray Boccino know of his location, believing him to be on his side, only to have Boccino rat out Brian to Johnny due to his need of the end of the Lost's civil war. Johnny (with the optional assistance from Clay and Terry) attacks Brian's safehouse. When Klebitz has Brian cornered, Klebitz has the option of sparing him or killing him. If spared Brian runs out of the safehouse and later is met on the streets as a Random Encounter. Brian (Who apparently isn't out of town like he promised) says to Johnny that he has changed and wants to show him something Johnny follows but still thinks Brian is bad seeing how he changed so quickly. Brian leads him into a trap and Johnny kills most of his guys before killing Brian himself. If killed Johnny shoots Brian in the the throat or if Terry and Clay are with you he will kill him on his bike. Either way Johnny takes Brian's safehouse as his own after the mission is done.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned

LCPD Database record

  • Surname: Jeremy
  • First name: Brian
  • Age: 39
  • Place of birth: Acter, Alderney
  • Affiliations: Member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost MC.
  • Criminal record:
    • 1985 - Grand Theft Auto
    • 1986 - Grand Larceny
    • 1989 - Murder
    • 2005 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine
  • Notes:
    • Senior member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost MC.
    • Believed to be fiercely loyal to the incarcerated head, Billy Grey.
    • Rumored to be unhappy with the Lost's uneasy truce with the Angels of Death MC.


  • Brian never had a girlfriend, explaining that he has "No time for that crap". This leads Johnny to question Brian's sexuality, as Brian is seemingly overly devoted to Billy.
  • Brian's phone number remains in Johnny's phonebook even after he is killed.
  • Brian's initials (B.J.) are a reference to a "blow job", and act of oral sex commonly known as a "BJ". Some Lost MC members make fun of this fact.
  • Brian has a patch reading "I Rode Mine Los Santos 2004". He, Terry Thorpe and Johnny are the only members who have got this patch.
  • If Johnny chooses to chase Brian in Bad Standing he will shout taunts at Johnny, saying things like "Billy Grey fucked Ashley Butler and I watched" or "There are videos of Ashley on the internet".
  • In Action/Reaction, Johnny asks Brian if he was ever tough even to do time, Brian says; "The only ones who do time are the ones dumb enough to get caught". Ironically, he was charged with Murder in 1989 when he was 20.
  • Brian and Johnny Klebitz have matching tattos of a demonic face on the back right side of their necks, suggesting at some point in the past they were closer as brothers.