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Brian is a random character found on the streets of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a banker and a major crack addict, and despite his Ivy League education, he has stooped to the lowest levels for his addictions, giving blowjobs for crack. At first, he is a pathetic loser, and is so high the first time he meets Niko Bellic that he just hands him $100 for nothing and walks off. After a short absence, Niko meets the down-on-his-luck college man for the third time; it is here that Brian states that he has finally turned his life around, getting himself cleaned up and getting engaged. He then apologizes to Niko about "being a dick to him", and asks this protagonist for a favor: he is going to go pay back his old dealers to make things right, but is afraid that the temptation might be too great, and as he does not want to go down the same stupid path again, he asks Niko to join him to keep him from slipping. Niko then takes him to the dealer's location, off of Onion and Asparagus Avenue.

Brian states that this is the ninth step of his rehabilitation program, and that his case worker refused to go with him, inciting that he needed to do it on his own. He then mentions that this step has been very expensive to him, and that he has hurt a lot of people through his addiction.

Niko waits in the car while Brian goes to talk with his former drug pushers alone. Unfortunately for Brian, he forgot about the interest that the dealers wanted, and they start beating him with baseball bats, inciting Niko to go and save him from them. Once the two dealers feel their lives are threatened (all Niko needs to do for this is brandish a weapon), they flee, and Brian stands up. He then thanks Niko and asks him to return him to his home on Wappinger. Once home, he gives Niko $500 as a token of his gratitude, and goes inside with his fiance.

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