Bringing the House Down

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Bringing the House Down

Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For 8-Ball
Target Fort Staunton, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Location Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Reward $5,000
Unlocks Love on the Run

Bringing the House Down is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by explosives expert 8-Ball from his explosives shop in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Toni returns to 8-Ball who has all the explosives ready. Donald Love phones 8-Ball and informs Toni that the weakest points under Fort Staunton is the new Porter Tunnel development and the old subway tunnels. Toni leaves, carefully driving the van full of explosives to Fort Staunton. On the way, he is attacked by Forelli Family goons but manages to escape. He then enters the Porter Tunnel and drives to various parts of the Tunnel and subway tunnels, planting the explosives. Toni then leaves the tunnels, killing any witnesses, and escapes just as the explosives detonate, with Fort Staunton being destroyed.


8-Ball: Look man, this truck is loaded. Know what I'm saying? Drive cool.

(8-Ball's cell phone rings)

8-Ball: Yeah? It's all good. Sure. I'll put him on.

(8-Ball hands the phone to Toni)

Donald Love: Toni, we're one little job away from being fabulously rich. We've scoured plans of Fort Staunton. Its weakest points are along the old subway that runs underneath the area.

Toni Cipriani: Great Don! All I gotta do is dodge a hundred wacko Italians.

Donald Love: Just head along the Porter Tunnel and you'll find you way in just fine.

(Toni begins to drive toward the Porter Tunnel entrance and is attacked by the Forellis)

Toni Cipriani: The Forellis? What are they doing here?

(Toni manages to enter Porter Tunnel)

Worker #1: Get the hell out of here!

(Toni plants some of the explosives and enters the old subway tunnels, where a second worker spots Toni)

Worker #2: Hey! You're not supposed to be down here!


The reward for completing the mission is $5,000 and the Love on the Run missions.

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