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A Bugstars van in the GTA V trailer, with the apparent protagonist armed.

Bugstars is a pest control company that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.

It is assumed at one point in the game, the protagonist and two accomplices disguise themselves as pest control and infiltrate a building.

Bugstar has two slogans. The first, "Putting the FU in fumigate", makes reference to fumigation and the term "fuck you". The second, "Bug'R'Us", makes reference to toystore Toys "R" Us whilst also sounding like "bugger us". Their business number is 1-999-BUGSTAR. The name of the company may be a reference to the GTA clone "Gangstars".

The uniform of the company resembles those used by the Ghostbusters and also those used by the fictional bug extermination company in King of the Hill called "Dale's Dead Bug".