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Bulgarin Family

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Bulgarin Family
members of Bulgarin Family
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Liberty City
Leader: Ray Bulgarin
Type: Russian-American Mafia family
Enemies: Niko Bellic, Luis Fernando Lopez, Marki Ashvilli, NOOSE
Affiliations: Luis Fernando Lopez (formerly) , Ancelotti Family, Rascalov Family
Vehicles: Ghawar
Cavalcade FXT
PMP 600
Weapons: Pistol .44
Assault SMG
Carbine Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Sticky Bombs
Businesses: Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking.
Fronts: Funland
Members: Timur

The Bulgarin Family was one of three Russian Mafia families in Liberty City, the third most powerful family of the Russian Mafia and they serve as the main group of antagonists in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is led by Ray Bulgarin and his right hand man Timur.


The gang was formed after Bulgarin immigrated to Liberty City. Bulgarin employed Niko Bellic to smuggle people into Italy from Eastern Europe until the ship sank. Bulgarin blamed Niko for the loss and sought to hunt him down. He was able to track Niko to Liberty City where he and his friend Dimitri Rascalov ambushed Niko and Bulgarin had his men kill Niko. However, with the help of Little Jacob, Niko was able to survive the ambush and escape. Bulgarin and Timur went to Maisonette 9 (owned by Gay Tony) where they met and employed Luis Lopez to take down Marki Ashvilli and his men. Bulgarin then attempts to kill Luis to take his diamonds for himself but Luis survived. Later, Dimitri informed Bulgarin of a hostage exchange between Luis and Niko. Bulgarin went to ambush the deal but both Luis and Niko survived the ordeal once again. Following this, Bulgarin went to the Ancelottis and they decided to force Luis to kill Tony. But Luis instead killed an enforcer of the Ancelotti's and survived Bulgarin's third ambush. Realizing that Luis and Tony survived, Bulgarin attemps to escape by plane but Luis and Tony decides to kill him. Luis went to the carnival and killed Timur. He then jumped on the plane and killed Bulgarin. It is likely that after his death the gang dissolved.

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