Bull in a China Shop

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Bull in a China Shop
For Vlad
Location Hove Beach, Broker
Reward $50
Unlocks Hung Out to Dry

Bull in a China Shop ia a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov to collect some past due protection money.

Bull in a China shop is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko by Vlad.


Niko meets Vlad at the Comrades Bar over on Mohawk Ave (across the street from the Hove Beach safehouse). During a cutscene, Niko and Vlad converse. Vlad, despite repeated insults, actually seems to like Niko, and trusts him enough to send him out on a mission. Vlad asks Niko to deal with an a china shop owner who owes Vlad protection money. Vlad asks Niko to not hurt the man, but to get the money. The scene ends with Vlad offering Niko a Baseball Bat. Niko arrive at the shop only to see the door is locked and the owner is refusing to pay. Niko then smashed the window and the owner agreed to pay. Niko then take the money to Vlad in the Comrades Bar.


After the cutscene, the player will head over to the china shop, located on Compton Avenue and Dukes Street. When the player arrive, the player will only find the owner of the establishment refusing to pay. The game will guide the player to a nearby green waypoint marker, where a brick amongst a pile of rubble can be picked up. The player may throw the brick through one of the store windows, or shoot at them with any weapon, or simply smash it with Niko's fist.

Another way to scare the shop owner is not to go into the yellow marker when the player get there and instead go to the other side of the street. Take out a sniper rifle and shoot one of the windows beside the door. Note that this will change the cutscene where the shop owner exits the store.

Once the store owner gets scared enough to choke up the money, Niko will call Vlad up on the phone and let him know about his success. He'll then be ordered back to the bar to give up the money. The GPS will, once again, get you to the location easily. Once back at the bar, get out of the car, enter, watch the finalizing cutscene, and give Vlad his cash.