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Doris telling Tommy that Mercedes called for a taxi

Doris telling Tommy that Mercedes called for a taxi
Game GTA Vice City
For Doris
Target VC Cabs Owner
Location Little Havana
Reward $5,000
Unlocks Zebra Cab
Unlocked by Friendly Rivalry

Cabmaggedon is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to the protagonist Tommy Vercetti by dispatcher Doris from Kaufman Cabs depot in Little Haiti, Vice City.


Tommy enters the Kaufman Cab and gets told by Doris that a Miss Cortez asked for a taxi. Believing it to be Mercedes, Tommy drives over to Viceport, enters the marked area and sounds the horn. Tommy notes that there is no sign of Mercedes, and then realizes he was set up, as six VC Cabs drivers enter the area and attacks Tommy with their vehicles, seeking revenge for the three cars Tommy destroyed during the previous mission.

Tommy manages to survive their onslaught for one minute, at which point the owner of VC Cabs arrive, driving a Zebra Cab and the other drivers disappear from the area. Tommy kills him to pass the mission.


(Kaufman Cabs, Tommy Vercetti and Doris)

Doris: Car 13, we got a Miss. Cortez, asked for you especially.

Tommy Vercetti: OK, I got it. Car 13, out!

(The Docks, Tommy)

Tommy Vercetti: Hmmmmm, no sign of Mercedes.

(The Docks, VC Cabs Owner)

VC Cabs Owner: It's time for Kaufman Cabs' guardian angel to eat some fender!


The reward for this mission is $5,000. The Kaufman Cabs asset is now complete and the company will generate $5,000 in revenue every day. A Zebra Cab will be spawning inside the cab depot from this point on. All Kaufman Cabs taxis will now have two-way radios installed, with Doris talking to the drivers replacing the radio stations.


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