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Game GTA Vice City
For Delores
Location Kaufman Cabs
Reward $5000
Unlocks Zebra Cab

Cabmaggedon is the last mission played for Delores the cab dispatcher in the Kaufman Cabs asset missions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Mercedes Cortez wants you to pick her up from a party at Viceport with one of the Cabs. However, there is more to this invite than what it seems...

The Mission

To start the mission, get on the marked cab at the central, then you'll be told that Mercedes asked for a pick up. Drive over to Viceport and get in the marked open empty area which has 8-Ball's bomb shop in it. Sound the horn. Now, there is no sign of Mercedes, however, there is sign of something else...six VC Cabs vehicles with drivers seeking revenge for destroying the three rival VC Cabs during the previous mission, Friendly Rivalry.

Your quest here, avoiding to get your cab destroyed by the cabs for one minute. You will have to drive around the open area until the one minute timer goes down to zero. When it reaches zero, the cabs will self-destruct/dissapear and the bossn will arrive. A Zebra Cab will enter the area with the owner of VC Cabs in it. You will now have to kill the owner, either by ramming his car into destruction, or more easily, wait for him to be in your firing range, get off your cab and gun his cab to the exploding point.

When you kill the owner, and blow up his car as well, the mission is over.


(Kaufman Cabs, Tommy Vercetti and Delores)

Delores: Car 13, we got a miss Cortez, asked for you especially.

Tommy: OK, I got it. Car 13, out!

(The Docks, Tommy).

Tommy: Hmmmmm, no sign of Mercedes.

(The Docks, VC Cabs Owner).

VC Cabs Owner: It's time for Kaufman Cabs' guardian angel to eat some fender!

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