Call and Collect

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Call and Collect
Niko Bellic on the phone to the black mailer (left).

Niko Bellic on the phone to the black mailer (left).
For Francis McReary
Location Algonquin
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Final Interview

Call and Collect is a mission provided to Niko Bellic by Francis McReary, who anonymously asks Niko to meet him on a pier at the south end of Algonquin. Someone has incriminating photos of Francis and is trying to blackmail him.


Go to meet the blackmailer. When you arrive at the viewpoint, Francis will send a text message containing the phone number of the blackmailer, and you must call this number and look out for a person answering their phone, so that you know which person to kill. Keep talking to the blackmailer until you identify him. When you get close, you will hear his voice reverberate through the air and through the phone, so listen for the double echo to know who the guy is. Try to get to the pier on the left side on the trigger point of the find. He may escape to the right side, but if so, you will have a very clear shot with a Carbine Rifle or a Sniper Rifle. When you find him, kill him and collect the photos. The attack triggers the Police, so you need to evade the 2 star Wanted Level. After that, take the photos back to Francis McReary.



Do this mission when it's sunny. Or, you can kill a pedestrian first, since everyone except the blackmailer will run away, you can then identify and snipe him with ease. Alternatively, you can keep calling the blackmailer until he calls the deal off. He will start running away which easily identifies him.