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The Cargo Bob is a helicopter found on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is the largest and heaviest helicopter on the game. It is the hardest helicopter to get on the game; sitting in the middle of the restricted area in the desert guarded by SAMs. It may take a few attempts to take the helicopter out of the base avoiding the SAMs. For that reason it is the most underused helicopter on the game, as the other helicopters are relatively easy to find after all the cities are unlocked. However what many people do not know the Cargo Bob is a truly special vehcile. The interesting thing about it, is that it has a large cargo door at the back of it that can openby pressing down the analog stick on the PS2. One or more motorcyles (if not a car!) can fit in the back, making this helicopter the ultimate vehicle for moving bikes (possibly cars) from one garage to another. Unfortunately for all these benefits there is a price to be paid so the Cargo Bob has no form of defense.