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Cargobob helicopter

The Cargo Bob is a helicopter found on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is the largest and heaviest helicopter on the game and the hardest to obtain (by sitting in the middle of the restricted area in the desert guarded by SAMs).

For those reasons, it is the most underused helicopter on the game, as the other helicopters are relatively easy to find after all the cities are unlocked.

The Cargobob does NOT have a special ability to fit motorcycles/cars in it.

The Cargo Bob has no form of defense, and also due to its very heavy weight it is hard to do turns, adjust altitude, evasive manouvers,but it is very strong;it can take over 12 missiles before catching on fire.

The easiest way to get it (only for those of you who cheat) is to use the "Wanted Level Never Increases" and "Deadly Vehicle" cheats. That way A: you can steal the Cargobob without the 5-Star Wanted Level, and the SAM Missiles (Area 69's SAM Missiles shoot at you even with the "Wanted Level Never Increases" cheat on) won't destroy you. Then park it in your garage at Verdant Meadows. For those of you who don't cheat, I suggest that you get into Area 69 through the nearest entrance to the Cargobob, since the Police won't get there right away, and fly away immediately. As for the Wanted Level afterwards, three words: Pay N' Spray.

The Cargobob can also be found unguarded on the helipad of the military fuel depot on the very north-east portion of Las Venturas which you can easily go in with a Patriot.