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Catalina (? - 2001) is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto III of Dominican and Colombian descent and was voiced by Cynthia Farrell. Her last name is unknown. Current status:deceased Cause of death:Copter shot down by Claude

GTA San Andreas

Catalina is Cesar Vialpando's cousin who lived in a secluded shack in the rural Fern Ridge area, exhibiting a strong sense of hatred against men, with the occasional exception of boyfriends. After Carl "CJ" Johnson is displaced by C.R.A.S.H. to the Badlands, Cesar suggests he find Catalina for work. It is hinted that Catalina treats Cesar well when Carl says to Cesar, "I can't wait to get my hands on that mute and your bitch ass cousin." Cesar replies, "My cousin? You're gonna dis my familia?"

Carl Johnson

After meeting each other, CJ and Catalina go on a crime spree in the countryside, robbing several businesses, including the theft of a tanker trailer loaded with fuel from a gas station; at the beginning of the third heist, Catalina puts CJ through an extreme form of BDSM (though not explicitly shown), in the process, an unlikely love relationship developed between the two (though CJ was probably only looking to earn some quick cash to get back on his feet), but was met with much turbulence. She eventually breaks up with CJ and finds herself a new boyfriend, Claude, the silent protagonist from GTA III, before leaving the state of San Andreas for Liberty City.


Much of her psyche is brought to light during her conversations with CJ: she's homicidal and possibly suffers from a persecution complex that might date back to cruelty from her father. "...They had to die faster than a stupid older brother stuffing his face with candy while his father gives his stepdaughter nothing but a stale slice of bread."


File:Catalina & Claude.jpg
Catalina and Claude

After Catalina and Claude's departure, Catalina attempts but fails to win CJ back with her phone calls to him, only to receive his last response while trying to make him jealous through having sex with Claude: "Catalina! You sick! Get help!" She then retorts saying, "You, Carl Johnson, are jealous!"


File:Catalina & miguel.jpg
Catalina and Miguel

In GTA III she is a notorious bank robber and Claude's former girlfriend, who betrayed him during a bank heist at the beginning of the game, shooting him and leaving him for the police while she ran free with the profits. Catalina would later be seen running a SPANK drug manufacturing and distribution business with a new partner in crime, Miguel. She would also betray Miguel, after Claude discovered them in a construction site; when Miguel attempted to get Claude to lower his gun, Catalina shot Miguel and jumped out of the building into a skip several stories below. Catalina was killed at the end of the game, as the helicopter she was riding in was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade launched by Claude.


Between GTA San Andreas and GTA III, Catalina is known to have been on the move, committing robberies in multiple states. It is suggested that both Claude and Catalina had only temporarily resided in Liberty City after their 1992 journey from San Andreas, before leaving the city to commit more robberies in other states. In 2001, the FBI discovered that both Catalina and Claude may have returned to Liberty City.

Murders commited by Catalina

  • Asuka Kasen-Killed during the Cartel-Yakuza War.
  • Miguel-Killed for giving out Cartel information to the Yakuza.

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