Caught as an Act

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Caught as an Act
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Location Downtown, Vice City
Reward $750
Unlocks Leap and Bound
Snitch Hitch

Caught as an Act is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given by Lance Vance to protagonist, Victor Vance.


Victor goes to the Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown (Vice City) to see his brother, Lance. But Bryan Forbes is only there and after a while Lance appears angrily threatening Forbes with a gun. Lance tells Forbes that he's an undercover cop and after a short moment Forbes gets in a Stinger and attempts to escape. Victor and Lance follow him and after ramming his car, money comes out of the trunk and the pedestrian on the streets are seen running after the money. After a long chase, Victor makes an roadblock in front of Forbes' car. He and Lance take Forbes to a place in Little Haiti tied to extract information.


(Victor meets Bryan Forbes outside the stadium.)

Bryan Forbes: Victor V, what's popping, partner?

Vic Vance: What?

Bryan Forbes: What's popping?

Vic Vance: What the fuck are you talking about?

Bryan Forbes: Isn't that what you guys say? What's popping?

Vic Vance: I think that must be Lance.

Bryan Forbes: What?

Vic Vance: You got everything sorted? No trouble?

Bryan Forbes: 'Course. Hey, I was just giving you shit, you know?

Vic Vance: Yeah. Whatever.

Bryan Forbes: Great, great. Here's your brother...

(Lance walks towards Forbes with a pistol behind his back.)

Bryan Forbes: What's popping, baby?

Lance Vance: YOU!

Vic Vance: Lance, what's going on?

Lance Vance: You're a freaking cop! You think you can mess with Lance T. Vance, you punk?!

Bryan Forbes: Hey, chill...

Lance Vance: Chill?!

Bryan Forbes: Yes. You're right. I am a cop. I was gonna tell you. I need money. I wanna work with you guys. I ain't gonna bust you.

Lance Vance: Not now, you ain't. I'm gonna bust you!

(Forbes runs away and Vic, Lance follow him.)

Vic Vance: Let's go!

Lance Vance: I am going! Get him, Vic. We gotta find out what he knows.

(Vic and Lance ram Forbes car and money comes out of the trunk.)

Lance Vance: Aw, man, that's our money! Get him!

Vic Vance: What the hell is our money doing in there?

Lance Vance: You never know when you're gonna need a few grand... I got a place we can take him. Come on.

(The trio appear at a house in Little Haiti, Forbes is tied.)

Vic Vance: I don't know about this, Lance.

Lance Vance: It's either this, or kill him. What do you think, Forbes?

Bryan Forbes: Uh, I definitely prefer it this way.

Lance Vance: We'll let him sweat for a while. We'll be back. You sit tight, buddy.


The reward for completing the mission is $750.

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