Chilli Dogs

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[[File:Foodstall-GTASA-chillidogs.jpg|thumb|right|252px|A Chilli Dpgs Stall in

Chilli Dogs is a fast food company in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas. The company primarily sells chilli dogs and(possibly) hot dogs. Chilli Dog stalls can be found dotted around San Andreas. The player can purchase a Chilli dog for $1to repleish their health by about 50% and to keepthe player full for three days before they go hungry again


  • the player is not able to repurchase another item from the same vendor unless the player moves away from the vendor at a minimal distance and return after a period of 30 seconds.
  • The name of Chilli Dogs has a double meaning: It can mean either the food Chilli Dogs or it could be a parody of Hot Dogs.

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