City Hall, Algonquin

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File:City Hall (GTA4) (northwards).jpg
City Hall as viewed to the north. The central park and the pinnacle of the city hall building are seen in the center and the background.

City Hall is a neighborhood in southern Algonquin, Liberty City. It is bordered to the north by Emerald Street (Little Italy), to the west by Union Drive West (Castle Garden City), to the south by Barium Street (The Exchange), and to the east by Columbus Avenue (Chinatown).


City Hall is the government seat of Liberty City and, as such, is a center of political activity in the city. The neighborhood serves as the civic center of not only Algonquin, but the entirety of Liberty City. The neighborhood is primarily commercial and governmental in nature, but a few residential sectors exist along its eastern face.

Points of interest

The Civic Citadel, located on Liberty Lane between Diamond and Calcium Streets, is a major tourist attraction, as well as a shopping destination with many stores present in its ground concourse.


City Hall is a very detailed, accurate imitation of Civic Center, Manhattan. Landmarks duplicated in the district include New York City Hall, the Manhattan Municipal Building (located across Denver Avenue from the park), the Civic Citadel (Woolworth Building) looming the background, and the delta-shaped New York City Hall Park, which imitation forms the heart of the district.


The Liberty City Subway system serves the neighborhood. The City Hall station, located at the intersection of Denver Avenue, Liberty Lane, and Calcium Street is served at all times by the K/C Algonquin Inner Line. A second station, Feldpsar is located in the northwest corner of the neighborhood on Union Drive West, between Frankfort Avenue and Emerald Street. Feldspar is served at all times by the A/J Algonquin Outer Line.


There is a building dubbed "City Hall" in Staunton Island (the eguivalent to Manhattan in GTA III and Liberty City Stories). The building is in the same geographical location with the City Hall neighbourhood in GTA IV.