Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound

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File:Staatliche Beschlagnahmungsstelle, Viceport, VC.JPG
Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound in Viceport, VC. Just imagine there are ten trailers, 24 containers, and many other stuff, and you've got the picture of 1984

The Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound exists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

You have to deliver several vehicles which are listed below. While doing that you'll get money for every deliverd vehicle. Doing that gives you a advantageous bonus. When you have deliverd at least to vehicles, there's a second Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound: The Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound for Watercrafts. You can start delivering after the mission The Audition. It is located just eastern of Pay'n'Spray in Viceport.

Car List 1

Car List 2

Car List 3

Watercraft List


  • Money for every delivered vehicle
  • Money for completion of each list
  • Free Pay'n'Spray for completion of all four lists