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Appearances GTA III
GTA San Andreas
GTA Online
Full Name Claude
Aliases Fido


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home San Fierro
Home in Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City
Home in Belleville Park, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Home in Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Catalina (1992 - 2001)
Miguel (until 2001)
8-Ball (2001)
Misty (2001)
Luigi Goterelli (2001)
Joey Leone (2001)
Toni Cipriani (2001)
Salvatore Leone (2001)
Leone Family (2001)
Maria Latore (2001 onwards)
Marty Chonks (2001)
El Burro (2001)
Asuka Kasen (2001)
Kenji Kasen (2001)
Yakuza (2001)
Ray Machowski (2001)
Phil Cassidy (2001)
King Courtney (2001)
Donald Love (2001)
D-Ice (2001)
Vehicles Pink Elegy
Black ZR-350 (lost to Carl Johnson in a race)
Businesses Doherty Garage
Bank robbery
Voiced by None Applicable

{{Infobox character |name=Claude |image=Claude-GTAIII.jpg |game_1=GTA III |game_2=GTA San Andreas |game_3=GTA Online |aka=Fido
Kid |status=Alive |gender=Male |nationality=United States |home=[[San Fierro]]
[[Portland Hideout|Home]] in [[Red Light District]], [[Portland]], [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]
[[Staunton Island Hideout|Home]] in [[Belleville Park]], [[Staunton Island]], Liberty City
[[Shoreside Vale Hideout|Home]] in [[Wichita Gardens]], [[Shoreside Vale]], Liberty City |affiliations=[[Catalina]] ([[1992]] - [[2001]])
[[Miguel]] (until [[2001]])
[[8-Ball]] ([[2001]])
[[Misty]] ([[2001]])
[[Luigi Goterelli]] ([[2001]])
[[Joey Leone]] ([[2001]])
[[Toni Cipriani]] ([[2001]])
[[Salvatore Leone]] ([[2001]])
[[Leone Family]] ([[2001]])
[[Maria Latore]] ([[2001]] onwards)
[[Marty Chonks]] ([[2001]])
[[El Burro (GTA III)|El Burro]] ([[2001]])
[[Asuka Kasen]] ([[2001]])
[[Kenji Kasen]] ([[2001]])
[[Yakuza]] ([[2001]])
[[Ray Machowski]] ([[2001]])
[[Phil Cassidy]] ([[2001]])
[[King Courtney]] ([[2001]])
[[Donald Love]] ([[2001]])
[[D-Ice]] ([[2001]]) |vehicles=Pink [[Elegy]]
Black [[ZR-350]] (lost to [[Carl Johnson]] in [[Wu Zi Mu (mission)|a race]]) |businesses=[[Doherty Garage]]
Bank robbery |voice=None Applicable }} Character Name is a character in ... who ...

Character Name is a character in ... who ...