Clean Getaway

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Clean Getaway
For Vlad
Location Comrades Bar, Hove Beach, Broker
Reward nothing
Unlocks Ivan the Not So Terrible, Liberty City Subway, Car Wash, stun punch

Clean Getaway is a mission provided by Vlad Glebov in GTA IV. In this mission you have to steal a Blista Compact and take it to a lockup.


When Niko enters Comrades Bar, Vlad asks him to go on a walk with him to his car nearby. On the way he shows his displeasure for tramps and homeless people by shouting at them for no reason or pushing them. When the two reach Vlad's Marbelle in a car park, Vlad takes out some coke who he says got from someone called Mikhail. He then tells Niko that he has a problem with a guy called Jimmy (not the Pegorino one). Jimmy isn't paying his debts recently, so he wants to show him he means business. He wants Niko to take his car, which is parked at the E.I.C projects in Dukes. He then tells Niko to use the subway to reach there. Niko take the train and go down the stairs. He get the silver Blista Compact, which is just nearby. If you got the chance, greet Jimmy with a stun punch by surprise and take his car. Niko then calls Vlad, saying that the car is dirty! Vlad then tells Niko to take the car to a car wash nearby, then take it to his lockup. It costs 5$ for a car wash, so after it's sparkling clean, drive it to Vlad's lockup.


Curiously, the train you ride as part of this mission drops you off at the Dukes Boulevard station, which is supposedly under construction. At no other point in the game will a subway train stop at or even pass through this station.

If you damage the vehicle enough (all windows broken, tires flattened, engine producing dark grey/black smoke) before parking it, later in the day Vlad will call you, complaining that he "has a hot date" and the car "was a piece of shit". Niko will retort that the "car was clean, wasn't it?" and hang up.