Clean and Serene

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Clean and Serene
Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Target The Angels of Death Bikers
Location Alderney
Unlocks Angels in America

Clean and Serene is the first mission in GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned.


In the introductory mission, the main members of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle club (aka Lost MC) ride to club president Billy Grey's location. He's just been released from rehab and is currently speaking with a parole officer and his sponsor from the drug treatment program. Johnny Klebitz, protagonist of the DLC, hands Billy his old jacket and off they ride.


You, being Johnny, take him back to The Lost's clubhouse (which also acts as a safehouse for the player, amongst other things). In Billy's absence, Johnny has had to run the gang. With Billy's return, Johnny is relieved of his duties. Already, tension between the two seem to surface, evidenced in a cutscene. Billy demands his bike back, which Johnny has sold to pay for Billy's various fees while inside.

Eventually, president Billy and vice president Johnny move out to the shop which was the last known location of Billy's ride. The shop owner is reluctant to give up information, but a full-throttle bike tire to the corner of the mouth by Johnny gets him talking. He sold the bike to The Angels of Death (aka AODMC, or simply AOD), The Lost's bitter rivals. To repay the shop owner for this injustice, Billy clobbers him in the face with a metal mallet before walking out. From the now facially-challenged shop owner, the crew has learned the bike's location. You head there with Billy and other Lost MC members in tow. A gunfight ensues, resulting in a lot of AOD deaths, and Billy reunited with his bike. You and the rest of the gang head back to the clubhouse, learning the riding formation mechanics of the DLC in the process.


  • During the introductory cutscene for the DLC, while The Lost are riding in formation down the streets of Liberty City, Niko Bellic can be seen walking on the sidewalk in his default attire, being bumped by a pedestrian and saying something in Serbian to the person. Throughout the DLC's main storyline, Niko's exploits will be chronicled via the various online news services, such as Liberty Tree, Weazel News and Public Liberty Online, the same as it does for GTA IV's main storyline. For example, early on, Johnny can read about the recent "arson spates" in Broker and activist lawyer Tom Goldberg's assassination, all with the exact wording as the articles within GTA IV's main story. It is strange why Niko is shown in Alderney though, as Niko obviously wouldn't have set foot in Alderney yet (as it wouldn't have been unlocked at that time during GTA IV), and his story was only beginning like Johnny's, landing Niko in Broker. It is therefore quite possible that Rockstar included this only as an Easter Egg.