Cleaning Out the Bureau

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Fresh Meat
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
For Lester Crest
Objective Follow a janitor from the FIB building to obtain his uniform and identification.
Target Janitor
Location Darnell Bros garment factory in La Mesa, Los Santos
Fail The janitor discovers he is being followed
Unlocks Reuniting the Family
Unlocked by The Ballad of Rocco
Time Limit 9 minutes (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Cleaning Out the Bureau is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by Lester Crest from the Darnell Bros garment factory in La Mesa, Los Santos.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Eagle Eye Check all the licence plates.
He Missed a Spot Follow the janitor without being spotted.
Time Complete within 9 minutes.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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