Clocking Off

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Clocking Off
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas
Reward $1000
Unlocked by Corner Kids

Clocking Off is a mission in GTA IV episode The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The mission begins where you see a cutscene showing Luis' Mom is sweeping in front of her house. She argues about Luis not to be like his dad. First you will be driving Armando's Cavalcade to a location near the bridge in Bohan. When you get there you will see a shipping of heroin loaded to your Cavalcade. Then a rival gang shows up and attacks you. Once you beat them, follow Armando to a garage in Northwood then the mission ends with your results.

Mission Requirements

Requirement name Requirement description Target
Time Time taken to complete the mission. Five minutes
Player damage Damage attained by the player. 40%
Headshots Number of headshots needed by the player. Twenty
Accuracy Amount of accuracy needed by the player. 55%


  • There's a unique black Reefer seen in this mission. But it can't be obtained.
  • The rival gang appeared in this mission is the Irish Mob.
  • Strangely, the Irish Mob does not appear with their gang car, Oracle but instead the gang variant of Patriot.

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