Clothing in GTA IV

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There are three different clothing chains, with a total of four stores, in Liberty City in GTA IV.

In each store you'll have to walk up to an article of clothing to try it on. If you have already purchased the item you will get a "you already own this" message although you can still purchase the clothing again. There are also bonus clothes you'll use to complete a mission and will get to keep after it's completed.

There are no gloves in GTA IV, despire their appearance in official videos and screenshots.

Clothing has no real effects outside of comments from Girlfriends and unlike previous GTA's changing clothes does not lower your wanted level.

Bonus Unlocked after certain missions

  • LSD outfit - Taking in the Trash
  • Scrubs - Flatline (If you find it on the mission, not findng it will also make the mission harder by attracting police
  • Balaclava - Three Leaf Clover
  • Biker Jacket - I need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle
  • Claude's Outfit - The Holland Play (Spoiler - only available if the choice to kill Playboy X instead of Dwayne is made).

External Links - has pictures, prices, and descriptions for each article of clothing