Clothing in GTA Liberty City Stories

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In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the player is given the choice of wearing 16 different outfits to wear similar to previous installments, GTA Vice City and San Andreas. Changing clothes can remove up to 2 star wanted level. The player can change their clothes inside the three safehouses available at each island, they include the Portland safehouse in Saint Marks, the Staunton Island safehouse in Newport and the Shoreside Vale safehouse in Cedar Grove.

Image Name Description Unlocked After
70px Casual clothes Home Sweet Home
Leone's suit Home Sweet Home
Underwear Completing 1 unique stunt jump
70px Avenging Angel's fatigues Frighteners
70px Overalls The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
70px Cox Mascot suit Beating Slash TV twice
70px Goodfella Overdose of Trouble
Chauffeur's clothes Rollercoaster Ride
70px Sweats A Walk in the Park
70px Antonio Making Toni
Wiseguy Shoot the Messenger
70px Tuxedo A Date With Death
70px 'Dragon' Jumpsuit Crazy '69'
Lawyer's suit Rough Justice
70px Hero garb Beating Avenging Angels mission in Shoreside Vale
'The King' jumpsuit The Sicilian Gambit