Collector's Item

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Collector's Item
Game The Lost and Damned
For Ray Boccino
Target Diamonds and the Pegorino Family
Location Algonquin
Unlocks Was It Worth It?
Unlocked by Diamonds in the Rough and Roman's Holiday

Collector's Item is a mission in The Lost and Damned which is given by Ray Boccino to Johnny Klebitz.


After you've completed Diamonds in the Rough, you'll get a phone call from Ray. He wants you to head to The Libertonian and offload the stolen diamonds to some jewellers. The mission begins automatically, but you do have time to call up Terry's Gun Van or visit a weapons store to replenish your weaponry and armor.


Once you arrive at the museum, walk all the way across to the loading area where you'll hook up with Niko at the goods entrance (Niko is friendly to Johnny and is clearly unaware of his involvement in Roman's kidnapping). The meetup cutscene between Johnny and Niko is the exact same from the main story, as is the following cutscene when the group is fired upon from above during the deal by Luis Fernando Lopez. Just like the main story cutscene, some of the other party's members will be killed.

In the hail of gunfire, Johnny grabs the cash and makes a break for it. From here, things get to be a bit different from Johnny and Niko's perspective. You'll start in the upper left hallway, while Niko is on the right. You can actually hear Niko using his taunts during the fire fight as he does when you're playing as him. If you quickly go to the railing and look down at the museum floor, you can see Niko fighting his way to the exit. (Niko can be killed by your weapons, which will fail the mission and trigger a phone call with Ray about Niko's death.)

Just as you did with Niko, you make your way down the hallway killing the foes in your path. However, once you get to the staircase leading down, you'll realize that a ton of the enemies are already dead (all thanks to Niko), making this fight a lot easier for Johnny than it was in the main story (especially if Johnny uses the assault shotgun, which is one of the most powerful guns in the game; the sniper rifle is also very good for taking down targets on the other side of the museum). Johnny observes all the dead bodies and comments that he'd hate to have this Niko guy after him because he's "deranged" given the evidence all over the building. Instead of going the way Niko did in the main story mission, you make a sharp left after descending the staircase and head down through where you originally came into the building at.

Outside, Ray's goons are lying in wait, taking cover behind their black luxury sedans. After taking them all out (you have the option of calling in your backup, though it's a good idea to call them in before you exit the museum), two or three cars will make off. Chase down and kill these foes (if you can't locate your bike, there is usually another vehicle or two parked near the museum entrance), then evade the police, as you've likely gained a 2 or 3-star wanted rating by this point. (Note: although Johnny says he needs to kill the drivers before they report to Ray, there is no time limit for tracking them down as they simply keep driving around the general vicinity of the museum.)

Once the wanted level is removed, Johnny will call Jim and ask to meet up so Johnny can give him something (the cash stolen from Ray). During the trip over, Ray calls and says he's been informed by Niko that the money was snatched in the midst of the chaos. Johnny pretends he just wanted to escape with his life and had no idea what happened to the money. Ray then threatens Johnny, stating that if he's trying to pull one over on him, he'll pull Johnny's teeth out of his head. You make it to Jim and give him the diamond money stolen from Ray, saying "fuck him" and justifying keeping it. Jim's on-board and agrees to take it from here. After that, the mission's successfully completed and Johnny is $10,000 richer.

Shortly after completing the mission, Johnny will receive a text from Jim which unlocks the next mission as the endgame approaches.


  • This mission is seen in Grand Theft Auto IV from Niko's point of view.
  • According to this mission, Niko wears his default outfit to do the deal.
  • The mission appears again in The Ballad of Gay Tony, from Luis' point of view.There is a cutscene where Luis strikes Issac in the face with the AK-47 and takes the diamonds,but it is only seen from his point of view.
  • Although Luis ambushes the deal,he cannot be seen taking the diamonds from Issac nor killed. Also, despite Luis arriving and leaving in a helicopter and engaging in a firefight in the sky with other copters, no matter how fast Johnny exits the museum, none of this will be evident outside.
  • Niko can be heard shooting a SMG during the mission and taunting enemies.
  • If Niko is injured, Johnny will call Ray to report it, and the mission will fail. To avoid hitting Niko by accident, the best way is to not target any enemies on the ground floor right away or use splash damage weapons such as the RPG or grenades indoors.
  • As Johnny makes his way down the stairs, there will be many corpses laying about (courtesy of Niko). Johnny will comment on this as he passes. He can a few different things regarding this when played again. He says he would hate to have Niko after him because he is deranged.
  • As you walk through the Libertonian from the north to south entrances, to meet up with Niko, many Mafia goons you fight later are standing around, talking amongst themselves, some will even mouth-off at you, saying things like, 'look at that, two fucking bums hit the jackpot', but others will still give a friendly, 'how ya doin'.
  • When walking through the Libertonian, if you have Terry and Clay with you, one of Ray's goons will say 'We've got a motley crew here', a reference to the Glam Metal band Mötley Crüe.
  • The credits reveal that Johnny used an Assault Shotgun.
  • Terry and Clay wait for Johnny at the north entrance as he is escaping from the Libertonian, if Johnny calls them for backup.
  • During the car chase, it is possible for one of the cars to accidentally fly into the Civilization Committee property, making it difficult to kill the driver without triggering a 4-star wanted level.
  • After completing this mission, Johnny will no longer be able to request free weapons from Jim as all he'll hear when he calls is an answering machine. This is similar to how Niko becomes unable to request taxi service from Roman on occasion in the main game because of events that happen to his cousin.