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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

Please do not repeat other people's gripes. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist comments either.

How To Gripe

  • Make sure your gripe hasn't already been mentioned.
  • Start a new line with a hash (#), add your gripe, and then add your name using three tildes (--~~~).

Gripes about GTA IV

  1. There is no Tank in this game, nor are there airplanes. --Theothersteve7
  2. There are only 3 unique Clothing stores in the game. --Araknid kid
  3. There are no car mods or even simply choosing your paint color. --Archangel717
  4. The parking glitch that makes your saved cars randomly disappear is not cool. --Archangel717
  5. No store hold ups for easy cash or burglary missions. --Teegro
  6. No "R3" Missions for anything other than the police cruiser. --Teegro
  7. Given that a generic interior could be created, there's too few stores and the like to wander into compared to San Andreas (Cluckin' Bell outlets as just a facade with no way in). --Teegro
  8. The trees are invincible.--CAPYBARA
  9. Minor clothing items are removed during some cutscenes and missions. (glasses, hats)--LBCCCP