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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with an asterisk (*), write your suggestion, then add your name with THREE tildes ( - ~~~)

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • Feature a fully interactive zoo. It would be cool if you could set the animals on your enemies, or lure/knock your enemies into the cages so that they will be trapped in with them. I'm talking lions, crocodiles, polar bears, piranhas, and sharks. Even herbivore yet territorial animals such as hippos and rhinos could be used to dispose of your enemies. - Mebaby
  • Have it set in London - Gboyers talk
  • Bring back planes - Gboyers talk
  • More countryside on top of the larger cities - Gboyers talk
  • Finish every room of every building and make them all accessible. GuildKnightTalk2me
  • Have it wset in Manchester intead of the Portland El you could have thr metrolink Chip2007
  • Before riding on a train make the player by a ticket Chip2007
  • Have it set in Vice City or San Andreas to know CJ's or Tommy's fate. All other cities were already taken from other games not from the GTA series (e.g. London is already taken by The Getaway, Carcer City already took place in Manhunt - MetaCracken
  • Please for heaven's sake get rid of those oh so annoying indestructible smalls trees that line roads and other objects that you expect to be destructible but aren't. - NaT
  • Have it take place somewhere in the midwest, like Chicago. - F8R8Pyro
  • Travel to San Andreas and/or Vice City. - F8R8Pyro
  • More missions that involve flying and using a boat. - F8R8Pyro
  • Bring back the army and tanks. - F8R8Pyro
  • Bring back the ability to modify vehicles, and include modifications that are references to previous GTA special vehicles. (i.e. Borgnine or Zebra-style Taxis/Cabbies, the Mothership paint job for the Camper) Some of the modifications could also improve the performance of the vehicle. DOAHunterX
  • Please for the love of god give us an XBox Live lobby. I'm sick of being sent bak to the story every time I'm sent out of a game. - F8R8Pyro
  • I think that a prison break mission series would be fun. - F8R8Pyro
  • Quad Bikes (ATV's), deserts, forests, off-roading, more "Three Leaf Clover" style missions. Cgs93
  • Ability to join different gangs. Cgs93
  • Bring back parachutes, and crazy high buildings like the one is Los Santos in San Andreas. - Freesaftey805
  • Choose what color you want your car when entering a Pay 'n' Spray. Budabass
  • Hybrid cars. Budabass
  • Return of Two Player Split-Screen - Lumpybob
  • More variety with melee weapons - Lumpybob
  • A less clunky cover system - Lumpybob
  • A silenced weapon -Lumpybob
  • Please bring back my favorite cars (Stinger, Cheetah, Phoenix, Sandking and BF Injection) - MetaCracken
  • Make all buildings accessible instead just a few. - MetaCracken
  • Bring back all other clothing shops (Binco, ZIP, Sub Urban, Didier Sachs and ProLaps) instead of just putting only 3 - MetaCracken
  • Have a wider variety in clothing ( also something that makes sense) and more safehouses ranging from a crappy beginner to a ultra chic mansion in the end. - Deter4955
  • A refurbished Vice City including all the other cities as travel interests. - Deter4955
  • Civilian version of the FIB Buffalo. Cgs93
  • To be Set in Mexico City,with the hability to fly to LC,VC and SA. ViceCityFan
  • More lanes on the roads. - Thescarydude
  • The ability to walk inside trains/subways and buses. - Thescarydude
  • Game taking place in Wales or at least in California and must involve offroad racing, huge forests and deserts and myths which actually exist! - Lioshenka
  • Let it take place in a new designed Vice City, just like they did for GTA IV. - Carljohnson66
  • Bring back the ability to play basketball. - Carljohnson66
  • Let the player have the option to use a seatbelt, just like niko in gta iv had the option to use a helmet on motorcycles. - Carljohnson66
  • You know how in Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas that when cj doesnt eat he loses energy? How about they use that again and when you do not get enough sleep you lose energy too, since rockstar is transitioning GTA games to be more realistic. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to destroy (or blow up) buildings. They can reappear just like everything else that you can destory. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to handle two weapons like in SA. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to access the trunk of any car to store things. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to buy businesses and houses and be able to mod them like in scarface the game. - Carljohnson66
  • Have more places to take your girlfriend out on dates, like sporting games or spending time at the beach, or be able to invite her to your house. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to break down locked doors. - Carljohnson66
  • Have bombs similar to the satchels in San Andreas but more realistic. - Carljohnson66
  • Have the option to steal things out of stores to add some reality. - Carljohnson66
  • See police arrest other people other than the player (i.e. when your fighting a pedestrian, the police can arrest the instigator rather the police arrest you when you got hit first) - Carljohnson66
  • More mini games. - Carljohnson66
  • A couple of missions where the player is in jail and him and a few other characters plot to escape - Carljohnson66
  • More story and side missions. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to have conversation with random people like in GTASA. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to set buildings and houses on fire. It can reappear just like everything else that can be destroyed - Carljohnson66
  • You know how in GTASA when Tenpenny wasnt thrown in jail for whatever he did and there was a riot, how bout they do something like that; have the player's position of the storyline effect the player when not on a mission (I'm not sure if I'm wording this right). Like for instance, if you kill a gang leader while on a mission, when the mission is completed, the gang attempts to retaliate when you are in free roam. - Carljohnson66
  • ATV's - Carljohnson66
  • Collect all weapons without replacing similar ones. Ok since they duplicated the new police system where there is a a circle on the radar where you have to escape from from scarface, you can store your weapons in the trunk and equip your self with whatever weapon you want that will fill all slots like in true crime new york city. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to ram vehicles into houses or other buildings. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to lock-on aim while driving - Carljohnson66
  • See the police ambush other people i.e. go to another person house and see them either hold a shootout or the surrender. - Carljohnson66
  • Allowed to pick up any thing and use it as a weapon(Pick up a chair and hit an enemy with it.-User:BloodyGTA
  • Being able to fligh to another city(from Liberty City to San Fierro-User:BloodyGTA
  • Have cars with the same name but from different years coexist.-Thescarydude
  • have it set in the Serbia Chip2007
  • Customizing your weapons in multiplayer with sights, supressors, custom decals, extended clips and be able yo save them to your hard disk to use them always. (It really would be nice to have your own trademark weapon in multiplayer) - Cgs93
  • have real police raids on major criminals with elite swat soldiers - Madpro95
  • A new inventory weapon which include garroting (Such as a wire or a rope).-User:BloodyGTA
  • Bring back some of the classic stuff, The Hare Krishna driving Auto rickshaws, and the Zaibatsu Z-Type! Also characters from previous games: Claude Speed, Donald Love, Tommy Vercetti, El Burro, The Truth.-User:Relentless666
  • Have the ability to visit an estate agents and purchase any house/flat/building/business etc. in the game (houses available at the estate agents can vary as not all houses will be for sale at the same time). Sdw4
  • Have the ability to know the whereabouts of storyline characters (such as Brucie, Francis McCreary etc.{but obviously, in GTA V these characters will probably not exist, but they're just examples}) where a coloured dot appears on the map (like on Multiplayer) and if the dot is highlighted, the person's name is displayed. The character can be driving, walking, eating at Cluckin Bell, at home etc. and can be chased, befriended, or even killed (permanently; at certain points of the game, like after the completion of a specific mission, when the storyline no longer needs them.). Sdw4
  • Having the ability to MOD cars again, like in GTA: SA; but with a lot more options, such as more bodykits, personal registration plates, bulletproof body etc.; and ANY VEHICLE can be modded, including buses, trucks, boats and helicopters, but with some options disabled (such as bodykits and rims for helicopters and boats lol). Sdw4
  • Having the ability to purchase a huge car garage/warehouse so you can store hundreds of vehicles including an entrance at the side beside the sea so boats can be stored and a rooftop entrance for helicopters and planes. Sdw4