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*Gang bosses send hitmen to kill you
*Gang bosses send hitmen to kill you
You should have more options with friends and girlfriends, you should be able to
*Sleep on your friend's couch, or in your girfriend's bed
*Be able to hang out in your's or your friend's place
*Have an option on your phone that says "Help" on your friend's page, meaning you can do freelance crimes, like robbery, theft, murder, outside of a mission with them (ex. Niko calls Packie with the Help option, they go rob a store and get paid)
*You can call your friends for rides, just like when they call you
*If you give your friend a ride, they might have a job or something going on, and you'll have the option to help them out for $500 or more depending on the crime (ex. After giving Jacob a ride to Star Junction, he asks Niko if he'll help him on a deal, press a button for yes and you'll help him and get money after he's safely home)
*If you friend has a legitimate business, you can work for them, (ex. As Niko, Drive for Roman's taxi service, Deliver cars to customers for Brucie, Guard Hombrew Cafe for Jacob)
*Have your girlfriend move in with you
*You can go to your friend's place without calling them, and see if he/she wants to hang out[[User:ChrisusEnnius|ChrisusEnnius]]

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Community:GTA V Wishlist/archive8/instructions

  • The game should take place in Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.
  • As well as all the cities from previous games, new cities like London( which hasn't been seen in 3d yet) and Tokyo. ScotchAutopilot
  • Instead of using an american city every time, use a european one this time, with european cops, vehicles etc (a city like the hague would be wonderful) BlueFoX950
  • Make a replay function in which you can watch back & save hilarious moments BlueFoX950
  • I like the idea about European cities, that would be something to see. Something like Niko returns to Serbia and the game takes place there with Niko Bellic as the polayable character. I can't think of much else to add! PacBoyCraZ (Talk) 17:54, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • It should be animals, childrens, mor interactive buildings, that the cops have a pointing sistems to chase you the depends of the crimes yo do, it should be more planes, cars, islands, and be able to pay people for protecting you and do jobs for you as drivers, murderers and guards for your houses, that you can change the furniture of houses, pait them, and customize them. Ther should be name HUDs for each person, like in The Godfather.

  • you should have tanks that instead of blowing the cars up acctually go over the cars and crush them and it should stay with the same name of rhino

You can buy boats, yatchs and customize them.

Shoots more real like when you shoot anyones foot, he can not walk very well, and with car crashes too.Facta97

  • Yeah, you should be able to customize cars and stuff like that. You could give 'em armored tires, windshields, cool designs, you know... PacBoyCraZ (Talk) 18:04, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • have more cars, ability to go underwater and shoot while in water Linux731
  • connect charecters from Gta 3, (claude), vice city (tommy) gta 4 (niko), and gta san andreas and make all of them playable and be able to exchange playability Linux731
  • This time you should play as an Asian character (not like Chinatown Wars for DS) put it on the PS3 and Xbox360. I mean you should be able to play as like a Filipino gang member or a Thai crime lord. The reason is of the cultural differences and that there is another Asian country that should be mentioned in the GTA series, not like Vietnam, Korea, Japan, or China. But a country that is less known to some people. If you play as a Filipino gang member then it would almost be the same as San Andreas but with a more cultural theme. Also if you play as a Thai crime lord then you can be in charge and summon your men, distribute meetings for different things such as borrowing money or expanding your orginization, also do not forget that you can have a different fighting style for both these cultures such as Muay Thai Boxing or Arnis, therefore making fights more interesting and powerful. Also, include some characters from previous GTA games into this.* 22:39, July 22, 2010 (UTC)22:39, July 22, 2010 (UTC)~ Arsenal_FanFC
  • I think you should sugesst including the ability to cut down trees and poke people in the eyes with at least one stick. PK2PK2 06:49, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that if R* decides to go to another city,they should use Moscow in the early 90' ChristianMD
  • 1.african american character
  • 2.back to san andres years after the city riot in gta san andres,
  • 3.start up the grove street crew again
  • 4. bring back the customisations e.g going to gym, cars, and ad customise boats, planes, property
  • The game needs to be more realistic, so with vehicles able to park and lock any where on the game. so no need for parking spaces or garages. apply to all vehicles.
  • DonkeyKong69 09:46, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • Parachute,gyms,barber shops,more safehouses,assets,tattoo parlors,dual wield weapon(desert eagle,uzi...) GhettoLaurie
  • Also more sports cars u no what im sayin theres your shitty turismo ballshit and your infernus but that aint enough you no wat i iz sayin yeah ma bredz, we need bentleys, ferraris, lambos, porsches, Jags and mercedez.
  • maybe just maybe some possible locations like chigaco in the 30's, london and new york in the 60s, betting mania in vegas and and los angeles. more realism such as stats for gym's, bikes like in san andreas. i no this is a bit godfatherish but like when u start rising to the top of the foodchain getting u own empire mansions swimming pools plaines helis, slutty pros and wimen, more exciting missions like bank jobs, shootouts with cops and more police chases 08scullya
  • they should either revamp an old map or create a brand new one, not liberty city. they should also add a parody of the audi R8 and make the police inteceptor accessible in one-player, basically add more brilliant vehicles!Jimothy-64
  • Take Place In All 3 Cities Have OVer 100000 Miles Of Road A Expanded And Updated Liberty City Bring Back Hydros And Modding Cars
  • I think ther should be a lot of more realistic things, like those:
  • Be able to move free through a plane when you are travelling, but that the guards start to calm you down or hit you. Also that you can call the stewardess to ask for food or other things.
  • The Police attacks you with tasers.
  • Rockstar people should add this cars also:
  • Lexus LS600h as NOIR
  • Mercedes-Benz 600 as ROYALE
  • Dodge Coronado as MONTERREY
  • Land Rover Series II as FORTRESS
  • Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1975 as WARNER
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200 as EARTHQUAKE
  • Ferrari California as HOLLYWOOD
  • Audi A8 6.0 W12 as STATHAM (in parody of the actor of The Transporter and his car)
  • Honda Legend 2008 as ELITE
  • Audi R8 as TIREBURNER
  • Porsche 9FF GT9 as SCHWARZWOLFF
  • Ford F-150 1972 Double Cabin as SHEPHERD
  • Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi as GROOVEY
  • Peugeot 505 Break as WEEKENDER
  • Pontiac Firebird II as VOLCANO
  • Bentley Azure as GREENE
  • Volvo XC90 as SCANDINAVIAN
  • Real car airbags
  • For PSP ,PSP GO , X-BOX 360, PS3
  • Jaylenp 23:32, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • Super GT
  • The new rancher could be a chevy Suburban
  • The Tampa should be A Chevy Camaro
  • the Bobcat should be based on Toyota Tundra
  • The MArbelle should be based on Buick Century
  • Bentley Continental gt
  • Maybach Exelero
  • Ford F150
  • Mercedez-Benz SLR Mclaren
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Lincoln MLT
  • Lincoln MKX
  • Lincoln MKS
  • Nissan Murano
  • Dodge CHallenger
  • Honda Accord
  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Chevy Avalanche
  • Dodge Ram
  • Mercury Mountaineer
  • Porche Boxter
  • Dodge Nitro
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Pagani Zonda
  • Maserati MC12
  • Maserati Bora
  • Super GT
  • Ford Fusion
  • VW BEETLE [ Bug ]
  • Toni Cipriani
  • VW EOS
  • Jaylenp 05:17, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • Should be multi mapped, like being able to fly to each map with maps such as San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City. Liberty City should include Yusuf Amirs building he was working on in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a finished version though and some how crossing CJ, Niko, Claude, Tommy, Louis, or maybe even Yusuf, or Sweet being random characters in each city. Maybe more control of your phone like being able to add certain peoples numbers and saving pics you take with it. More realistic cars like running out of gas and having to fill up. Maybe buildings able to be destroyed like in Mercenaries. KickAssKid
  • And being able to own your own businesses and actually working and buying your own places like in Saints Row or being able to move in with your gf. KickAssKid
  • have better graphics like Manhunt 2:when u shoot some one in the face,there will be a big bloody bullet hole left and when you shoot thier leg they will hobble and hold thier leg unless they are shooting u Teokaijie
  • Rockstar needs to mix things up a little and create a whole new city. Something we haven't seen before, but is still recognizable in appearance and name (famous sites, monuments, etc.). I like the idea of European cities, the best choices probably being: London, Rome, Paris, and Berlin. As for Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok. However, a more likely setting due to R*'s American theme would probably be Washington D.C. Lots of famous landmarks, and the nation's capital.Jelen3000
  • Plase add lots of wierd stuff like 'Bigfoot or Ratman'. That would be awesome. But this time, make them REAL, and not stupid rumours, like 'Piggsy'...it's all stupid, although, add some Ufo's, and some creepy people on the street like, Mr Trenchcoat or Parinoid Cowboy...that would be SO cool.
  • For once can we have an English city like London, Liverpool or Manchester, we've had about 2 GTA's and they were hardly worthy of being called a good looking game, also, a chance to kill david cameron would be greatly apprechiated.SaradominXeroX
  • Replace the Coquette with a 1988 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Manufactured by Declasse
  • Replace the Uranus with a 1983 Ford Mustang. Manufactured by Vapid
  • Replace the Vigero with a 1987 Chevrolet Camero. Manufactured by Declasse
  • Replace the Ruiner with a 1985 PontiacTrans Am with new fog lights, hood vents, and new optional hood bird "Screaming Chicken" decal. Manufactured by Imponte.
  • Add a car called Furianno based on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Manufactured by Imponte.
  • i think grand theft auto five should take place in europe london or paris and it should be more of a sims type of game. now hear me out it would still have all of the missions and unlockable things but each mission should be getting you closer to building a gang or empire. there should be like levels of empires or gangs and once you complete a mission you should be able to unlock something to upgrade it. Example: in a mission you help a friend rob a bank. completing this mission would allow you to buy a bunch of stuff for your gang like a hideout or you can put more thugs on your payroll and this friend now is part of your gang. something like that. you should be able to customize your character somewhat too like in the old ones where you could have a superman costume on while mugging some old lady or going on a killing spree. customizable vehicles would be the best too. and in my personal opinion beating up someone with a bat is always pretty fun so make more blunt weapons like 2x4s or make it easier to pistol whip people
  • GTA 5 Should Take Place In Somalia During The Somalia Civil War Have 1000 Vehicles Do Missions For Somalian Government and you fight in the war
  • I think that Grand Theft Auto 5 should take place in Australia or more specifically, Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (QLD), Perth (WA) and Adelaide (SA). PK2PK2 05:27, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • I also think that all cars should be equipped with optional seatbelts. PK2PK2 05:31, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let the series take place in foreign countries. Like Mexico City (call it Tenochitlan), Tokyo (call it Fuji), Johannesburg (call it Carlsburg), or Belgrade (Savenzi Grad).Kanzler31 05:45, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Create your own people! Kanzler31 05:48, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Add a "create a scenario" mode, were you can add what characters you want and their role, the location, the objectives, the storyline. Add this as a "final mission passed" reward as the game gets quite boring after you passed all the missions.Kanzler31 05:50, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • The next Grand Theft Auto should have a character who is a sleeper agent for some kind of secret service. Josio18
  • Make the whole game revolve around bowling. Bowling was the best part of GTA4. lol, jokes, seriously though, there should be one mission with a shootout at a bowling lane Delo19xcrowbarx 06:58, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • A really bad ass antagonist, not one thats is just seen just at the beginning and end of the game, but one that is involved in 90% of missions. My idea is this antagonist called Gordy Brewer, who lules the protagonist into a false sense of security, than kills his family, and the protagonist is heartbroken. Maybe Gordy would wear a mask and would follow the protagonist in a few missions. Delo19xcrowbarx 06:58, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • all the stuff i reaaly would like and it could make rockstar more rich
  • there should be 2 antagonist should be diego and andreas and keep trying to kill in most missions
  • the player should be called cain maguire
  • the player should be a pub landlord,mafia boss ,businessman and drug dealer
  • there should be 700 long hard missions
  • bring back haircuts and grow your hair and bring back gyms muscle and stammia
  • for the game 2 be in 2004 and after 100 missions the game jumps to 2006 and after 50 more missions the game jumps to 2008 searching for the antagonist and after 7 more years the player kills them in 2015
  • the player should buy a car at the start of the game like a infurnus a bullet gt a ford or a but i would like a black 535i bmw to spawn at the start of missions to keep throughout the game
  • bring back cheats like money cheats muscle,flyings cars,tanks
  • the clothing should be polo tops ,jeans ,trackies,suits
  • the explosions should be more real
  • uou should take over 100 clubs, 50 pubs and have drinks wearhouses,factories and have gang wars
  • to type in your own music
  • 1 The game should set time right after gta san andreas, where cj extends his buissness.
  • 2 you should still be able to customize cj's hair,clothes,cars,physique.
  • 3 you should be able to recruit gang members to the grove street gang and being able make them secure safehouses,buissnesses and make them follow you as boduguards.
  • 4 bring back the respect,sex apeal,fatness,muscle,stamina meters.
  • 5 new gangs in additon to old ones.
  • 6 cj should be able to have girlfriends again.
  • 7 the gangs will do everything in there power to kill cj
  • 8 should be able to disguise cj as a gangmember from the other gangs.
  • 9 having the choise of wielding to guns
  • 10 cj should meet new people from other games while traveling trough san andreas
  • 11 more transporrts like skateboards,scooters and rollerblades
  • 12 bring back old weapons from gta sa in addition to new ones.
  • 13 cellphones,tv,superfun cheats.
  • 14 there should be alot of missions and unlockable side missions.1-14 suggested by einartorkelsen
  • Be able to control an empire. Like Vice City and Vice City Stories TouchedMadness
  • Be able to choose you city at the beginning (like between liberty, vice, san andreas, and so on) then when you beat the game you can go to a different city and do completely different missions. kind of like morphing multiple games into 1
  • You should beable to meet people off the street and decide if you want them to be a friend or enemy, and all the pedestrians should have a name. their should be more building accessable. way more clothing and accessories for your character. NFIZZLE
  • I think that it should be all set in europe and u have to take planes to different parts in europe. you have alot better cars and weapons and can customize anything thats yours weither you stole it or baught it or if its you. you start off as a teanager 16 - 18 and grow up untill your 38. it should be every house in europe the real houses like egsactly where you live and you can buy any house in europe. Beeniboy96
  • Ok, first, Planes, not jsut plan planes, but jets, passenger, huge planes with destructive abilities, and some passeger planes.

Also Mod garages and heaps of Sport cars, GTA4 sport cars were crap Easier cheat input, you can put cheats in via phone OR Pasue menu(for awkard moments) Multiplayer- More custimaziation, a Red dead redemption start (free rom in the city) and certain areas locked during a actuall match. Also a mode like party mode but you can use cheats in multiplayer (you know for blow them up fun) Map editor Also wiew change, espiccialy on multiplyer, like if your in a plane or car, you can go from normal view to a taxi like view (like so you can view the windows) ad then a free roam view in a plane (and boat) and last but not least, airport travel and Multable citys.Tinyjoshua

  • Gta 5 should be more ghetto. i mean a ganster for a character like Luis not the bikers or the immigrant. the guns should be more in depth like more types for instince revolvers different kinds of rifles besides the Ak47 and the others. gta 4 was fun but to unrealistic i woukld love gta 5 to be more realistic and in the hood of like a detroit. also i think the cars would stay in the spot were u parked it last longer i didnt like my porshe that dissipeard. all in all more ghetto character and more ghetto city Peace Bra!!!
  • also create own characters and in conversations have different options of what to say that changes characters feelings twords you (like if u hate a character be mean to them so u dnt have to deal with them which causes different outcomes of the game diferent characters can do different missions) haveing different out comes would make people play the game over and over. Alpha Protical was a pretty good game only because of the confverstations and different out comes. they should bring in different out comes cuz it would make it a more well thought out game and more fun

Gas system - Make the gas tank run out every once in a while. Fill her up. When your finished you can either pay for it or drive away. Have a gas meter a the side of the screen when you are in the car.

Weapon attachments - Silencer, scope etc.

Fully customizable phone - Buy new phone from shops.

  • GTA5 should take you back in SA, but with multiplayer options. Also, at some point of the game you should be able to get a big mansion in an strategic location like in VC, stuffed with planty of cars, a helicopter and weapons. Also, the game should remember at lest the last 20 vehicles you used and make them available on the exact place where you left them. Would be great too to have passanger aircrafts and a more realistic flight; airplanes in SA took off too early and airports where messy. Dhex100
  • I think for the next GTA videogame, there should be more old skool cars like wood-paneled station wagons with dual note horns. also, when it rains, the wipers should move. there should also be a "behind the wheel" camera view so you can see the steering wheel, dashboard, and the steering wheel should move and the steering should be realistic and the character can perform the "hand over hand" technique on the steering wheel when making sharp turns and be able to use the turn signals. when it rains, the wipers should move to make it more realistic. Another thing that would be amazing for this game would be that the cars would actually run out of gasoline and you can fill up at the stations. for some weather, there should be like snow and severe weather like tornadoes, snow storms, etc..... Another thing would be cool is some sort of weather warning system for when these storms hit. for the cars, there should be manual transmissions and when you jack a car, it will tell you if the car is manual or automatic by displaying an "M" for manual or an "A" for Automatic. another thing I should mention is the lack of Girlfriends; MAKE A WIDER SELECTION OF GIRLS TO DATE!! I also think that the GTA game should take place in a reinvented rendition of Vice City or San Andreas.

Instead of a city, why don't they use a province/state with a whole bunch of cities or a country with a whole bunch of states and provinces. make the map more realistic instead of making it look like a set of deserted islands!

  • Make the 1990 Buick Electra Estate Wagon but instead, name it the Willard Sagewood Estate Wagon and make it with wood panels.
  • Make the new game like San Andreas. make it so you are able to work out, get buff and the ladies will look at you, talk to you, flirt with you, and some will ask you out.
  • We should be able to hook up boats to your truck, bring it to a river, and go fishing
  • Be able to save boats.
  • If your driving a truck you should be able to carry around buddies in the back of it.
  • Add a truck that looks like a 2010 Chevy Silverado. (Declasse)
  • Add a truck that looks like a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. (Declasse)
  • Make a car based on a 2010 Dodge Challenger. (Bravado)
  • Make a car that is based on a 1971 Moch 1 Fastback Ford Mustang and have it as the police cars. (Vapid)Hangman'sJoke

That the player's phone is an mp3 player, so you can download the radio songs from the computer and then to your phone then listen to music when you are on foot aswell! Also make you're own radio stations from the XMB on PS3 and Xbox!!!

  • I wish that the player can download radio songs from the computer to your mp3 player/phone. That way you could listen to music/radio whilst on foot, or just instead of picking radio station whilst in a vehicle you choose the song you wanna listen to. and also please put the player created radio stations in the game!! i wanna put my own music from the XMB on the ps3 or xbox into the game so i can listen to those when im sick of the same old radio stations all the time! Morty116
  • it should be set in modern day London with more ways to spend money because in IV I had nothing to spend money on they should bring back tattoos,hair cuts,gym,more and better clothes and also bring back gambling all like in SA also a larger map Yusuf amir
  • Make it to where you can buy a car, customize it, and make it to where it'll always spawn at your safehouse(s), even if you took it a blew it up somewhere, it would still be there all repaired and stuff.
  • Also the ability to customize furniture and stuff in safehouses.
  • Ability to have a "Gun Safe" or "Armory" at each safehouse, similar to the stash box in GTA: CW but instead of containing drugs, it has guns.
  • Make the safehouses spread out and abundant like in GTA: CW
  • Make construction sites actually build stuff, doing story missions will advance time and construction progress can be seen.
  • Make different tiers for Body Armor
  • Customize weapons like in Army of Two
  • Place a National Guard base somewhere with military vehicles, like the Annihilator or Rhino and it gives you 5-6 star wanted level upon entry uinless wearing some special uniform
  • Put in something like the L.C. Cage Fighters, that stuff was fun
  • More exotic cars
  • Ability to drink while not with friends
  • Less friends, only 2 or 3
  • Bring back the golf thing from GTA: VCS
  • Phill Cassidy owns the/a gun shop(s)
  • Shooting Range(s)
  • Fun cheats (Pink cars, invisible cars, cars fly, explosive bullets, gore mode, clown mode, the ones from GTA: SA)
  • Ability to rob stores like in GTA: VC
  • Vehicle/Weapon skill stats
  • Doing 20 or 30 Vigilante missions (aside from Most Wanted) will give you Cop uniform
  • Doing 10 or 20 Paramedic missions will give you Medic Uniform
  • Doing 10 or 15 Taxi Driver missions will make all Taxis bullet/collision/explosion/fireproof
  • A protagonist from the GTA III Era besides Claude makes a Cameo appearence or plays a role in the game
  • Sometimes when you walk/drive by a tall building a random pedestrian will fall down or a corpse will be on the ground, implying they committed suicide
  • When Busted, you have to stay in jail for 6 hours or something in prisoner garb and be able to cause riots, attempt to break out, fight, etc.
  • When Wasted, it doesn't cost you a ton of money (like one to five thousand dollars would be good enough price).
  • You can pay a bribe to get your weapons back like in GTA: VCS
  • Full customization like in GTA: SA
  • Protagonist is Catholic/Christian
  • Ability to beg/ask people for money
  • Ability to play basketball
  • Offline CO-OP like in GTA: SA, except you can have 4 people play, not just 2
  • Ability to recruit someone from your gang to drive you somewhere and do drive-bys on people
  • Storyline first takes place in Las Venturas, then you get to Los Santos, then San Fierro
  • Ability to buy new/better phones like the iPhone
  • Ability to choose which songs you want to play on the radio (Pause menu > Audio > Radio > Songs)
  • Hippies on the streets that murmur strange things about the government and weed and stuff
  • Make myths like Ratman or Bigfoot real, and players have a 25% chance of seeing them in designated places like subways or forests
  • When in a taxi, the player won't say something long when changing radio stations like, "I don't want to cause no trouble but uhh, I'd prefer another radio station," but when you select a radio station (say, LRR) he'll say "Hey, change the station to LRR."
  • Camera like in GTA: SA and ability to save photos
  • Ability to snap necks like in GTA: VCS
  • Casinos, 'nuff said
  • I Wish that GTA 5 would be set in a new city to explore..The bay area right now is Hot,,it should include cities based on hte bay area like San Francisco, Oakland, and San jose..Oakland currently is a dangerous city full of crime 804rpf
  • You should play as Little Jacob in GTA V and should be going on a trip Jamaica but on

the way have to go through San Andreas and Vice City. CJ should be in this game, and it should turn out he is LJ's cousin. At the end of the SA trip, CJ goes to Liberty City and LJ goes to Vice City. In VC, LJ should do this and that until he almost dies and is finally sent to Jamaica on a plane. After reaching his Jamaican town, he discovers that his family and friends are all dead. And returns to SA and VC after killing all of the gang members that killed his family. The rest of the game should be exploring the newly, 2010 design of SA and VC and both cities are right next to eachother. Jennifer Lopez

  • i think rockstar should do a 1930's themed game and you get wepions such as the tommy gun colt 45(yes it was invented then)the bar-browning automatic machine gun and springfield 1907 sniper rifle trench gun ect. ford model t as one of the cars bicycles...and much much moreChuker34
  • GTA:EUROPA Paris, London, Berlin...Berlin with long long AutoBahn- no speed limit!!! European type police sirens. A mountain like Mt. Chiliadad in GTA San Andreas. with snow!! snowboards!! snowmobiles! working ski lifts? then snowboard down the mountain! Online= customize so only those with microphones can enter, way to know who is talking, turn off radar and blips...so you dont know where the other players are! Bank robbery team mission online. keep subway trains running online! Disaster missions like earthquake, hurricane , fire- online where we can team up to help with firetruck , put out fires! Glitch to make bystanders become zombies and attack online players...!! some sewer manhole covers with ladders, so you can pop up and escape! cellphone only shows people online with game currently, not entire friends list of offline players.some buildings that can be destroyed Deaddropsd

more guns!!!!

  • GTA Las Vegas no dout

i hope gta 5 could have a big map and shit loud of stuff like sa

  • houses should be better like you should own a house with more than one floor like in SA Yusuf amir

Bring a Puerto Rican Guy to the game you already make a black guy Italin guy and a white guy make a Puerto Rican guy. Bring new cars like hondas,Dodge,ford,chevy.bring new weapons bring good muise.Make the police better make the 5 stars hard to get no so easy. And as a cheat make the city into zombies that would be cool

  • Bring Back the abbitlity to attatch trailors to transport trucks. And bring back trucker missions Porterguy
  • basically like everyone is saying, make the map huge. Put GTA:5 back in San Andreas but make it bigger Porterguy
  • add the ability to buy train tickets instead of pain based on time spent on the train. That isn't how it works Porterguy
  • Make more than one airline Porterguy
  • make every service station building the size they were in GTA:San Andreas and make them enterable Porterguy
  • have 6 different gun sets Porterguy
  • Creat changing seasons Porterguy
  • have more Character references, eg you meet Nico dragging Roman out of one of the casions in Los Venturas Porterguy
  • put more Aerosmith, Beatles, Kiss, Joe Perry and NicleBack on the radios. In other words, make a bigger Rock variety
  • add an option where if you have music playing from your Xbox dashboard: it should dim the music when they are talking, a way to skip the song without pushing the home button, make the "remote" for this feature look like an Ipod but call it a Uplay
  • bring back video games
  • if GTA5 is in San Andreas make a plane able to crop dust, and do it for money.
  • Create an option that can be turned off, fuel for all vehicles
  • make there a miny game where you can fish.
  • LAZLOW!!
  • I think they should keep the familiar cities. It would allow for an overall better experience without making the developers commit so much research into an entirely new city. Seriously who doesn't want to see a modern Vice City or San Andreas? And I wish they would include more variety in the stuff you can do on the side. Like drug dealing from GTA:CW ^_^ ElGrandoSmokio
  • What would be cool is if they bring it back to San Andreas which we all remember. The playable character should be CJ like in the original game. They could bring back all the old characters and reunite them here, like Catalina, Claude Speede, you know. They should make a gang like the San Andreas Mob or something, they should be your enemies. PacBoyCraZ (Talk) 20:23, July 27, 2010 (UTC)
  • Since you made GTA 4 extreamly realistic, why don't you make a GTA San Andreas 2 bringing back chainsaws and great customization and stuff that Saints Row 2 won XxILLuSIonSxX78
  • if you do continue to provide 18 wheeler trucks, make it so when you are stopped you can crawl into the back by pushing RB, you will rest for 6 hours and save. When the game is continued you will be in the closest safe house Porterguy
  • More guns, putt all guns from all GTA's in 1 game, a very big world(bigger than San Andreas), alot of missions, cars, bikes, planes, boats. clothes and to make your on choise what cooler or style you wanna with the clothes, make the game very special ,i just love GTA and its need to be some thing more and big very big, GTA IV is now the best to me, like grafieks are amazing details are very very nice, BUTT not enough guns & clothes its need to be more in the next one:Sorry for my english :P Thanks
  • It shouldn't go into real cities. What is the obsession with London? It should stay in America in the fictional locations of Liberty, Vice, San Andreas, Carcer City and even Bullworth. with all the fictional cars.
  • Keep the realism, with cars, weapons and dont go over the top, make crazy shit believable.
  • If it is going to be in San Andreas, it should be called a small state like Alderney is. All three cities should be about the same size as Liberty City with little country between them, lots of country and desert is good if they make them realistic in size and more interactive. If it is in Vice City, the city should be a lot bigger than the old Vice City.
  • Literally hundreds of easter eggs and myths to discover.
  • Bring back characters from GTA IV, in fact i'd rather Niko be the protagonist again.
  • Completely ignore Chinatown Wars, which is a shit cash-in and non-canon.
  • Include ability to grapple while fist fighting, with loads of realistic fights.
  • Intriguing Story like GTA IV, keep focus on single player.
  • Make the days longer, about 2 hrs instead of 48 mins.

i'll put more on when i think of something....

  • Get rid of everything from GTA 4 (witch sucked shit!)
  • A GTA 3 era game
  • Oh yeah and get rid of the fucking realism bullshit! Realism kills video games!
  • San Andreas 2 or San Andreas Stories
  • Scrap the realistic car controls (that shit sucked ass!)
  • Get the fuck rid of the GTA 4 shooting system! (witch also sucked ass!)
  • Have some type of military base like in Vice City (Fort Base Base) and San Andreas (Area 69)
  • Have open areas like in san andreas
  • An acual decent plot (unlike the plot from GTA 4...)
  • A decent Protagonist (unlike Niko...)
  • Fun missions (unlike half the ones from GTA 4...)
  • Fun over realism (unlike GTA 4... YEAH GTA 4 JUST SUCKED ASS...)

Here is he idea just make GTA San Andreas Stories point blank

  • Realism Realism Realism thats the way to go in my honest opinon where i live ( Northern Ireland/UK) everyone loved GTA4 because of its great engine and stunning detail but we all think also that:
  • It should be in San Andreas, The wide open spaces with the detail still (I know thats alot to ask from R*)
  • More Customisable, Tattoos Hair Muscle etc. should come back
  • Keep Weapons like Flamethrowers etc. to cheats they take away the realism
  • PLANES!!
  • Ability to own a car and keep it
  • Long Story Short, A mix between GTA IV and GTA: SARandomtomato

Weapons That Should be in GTA V

  • Knife
  • Baseball Bat
  • Golf Club
  • Tennis Racket
  • Mechete
  • Shovel
  • Crowbar
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Hammer
  • Screw Driver
  • Chisel
  • Mallet
  • Hacksaw
  • Pepper Spray
  • Chainsaw
  • Drill
  • Pistol
  • 9mm
  • Revolver
  • Desert Eagle
  • Silverballer
  • Tec 9
  • SMG
  • Micro Uzi
  • Shotgun
  • Double Barreled Shotgun
  • Swarnoff Shotgun
  • Double Barrled Swarnoff Shotgun
  • AA-12
  • Dao-12
  • Country Rifle
  • AK-47
  • M4
  • M249
  • Browning
  • Dragunov
  • DSR-1
  • RPG
  • Heatseeking RPG
  • Minigun
  • Flame Thrower
  • Fire Extingwisher
  • Grenades
  • Pipe Bombs
  • Satchel Charges
  • Flashbangs
  • Molotovs
  • Throwing Knives
  • Ninja Stars

  • Ability to go to all cities and to play as YUSUF AMIRArabMoney
  • Have the next GTA in Vice City in 1981 or 1982, with three cities Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples. The main character is a cuban refugee who arrives by boat with several cubans, he goes to little havana to join his brothers cuban gang. The main character fight Haitians in turf wars, after several missions he is forced to go to Fort Lauderdale to hide from the Haitians. As the main character is in fort lauderdale he joins a drug cartel which he become a drug king in that city. As the game goes on, the main character goes to Naples to plan to take over the Haitians mansion for the final mission of the game. l Flanagae2008
  • Get back to basics. What made GTA III and GTA: Vice City so good? The Story and the Characters. I still think GTA: Vice City is still the best GTA there is, regardless of its age and technical downsides in comparison to todays games [remember when you crouched for the first time in GTA Vice City, it blew you away, don't lie.] it still kept you coming back again and again, and it still does. The euphoric feeling that you had when you played that game has been unmatched by any other GTA game since. Because of the story and characters you became immersed in the story so much that you felt that you owned that town. You never felt that way in San Andreas or GTA 4 for that matter. Sure, GTA 4 looks amazing, it's one of the most beautiful games I've played but the story is only decent. It wasn't bad by any stretch, but it also wasn't great. The graphics could only hold me over for so long. I'll take par - slightly above par graphics for an above par quality story (GTA 3 and Vice City)...so what you can't swim, don't fall in the water. So, in short: STORY and CHARACTER. If you have those two things, the rest is just gravy. Biscuitchris7
  • In my personal opinion, I really think that Grand Theft Auto 5 should have a little bit of changes.I think that GTA 5 should take place in San Andreas Aka Los Santos.This is a great place because its a bigger map and bigger set of areas to travel in multiplayer mode.Also the plot of the game should be about how Tommy Vercetti comes to Los Santos and meets up with old friend Ken Rosenberg and Ken's new pal Pete Weathers.Introduces Pete to Tommy and takes Tommy around San Andreas and shows him the tough people around San Andreas.Tommy meets the Johnson Boys which are Carl and Sweet and the GSF gang.Also B Dup who is the Antagonist of the game.I really think that this game should bring Big Bear,Kent Paul,Wu Zi Mu, and that this game travel back to Vice City, and that this game could bring Airplanes.This is a short Brief Summary about what thw should have and look like. I'm Sorry that I wrote a lot its because I'm excited about GTA 5 Geraldo22

You can buy the clothes of other characters.

  • the game should be based in hollywood,vice city,and las venturas
  • 2 antagoist should be called diego and andreas and keep trying to kill you in most missions
  • there should be be a 665 missions hard and dramatic storyline
  • the first mission the player should buy a car like a marbella ,bullet gt bmw 535i or a sports car to spawn at the beginning mission and buy clubs and pubs and the starting mission should be called building an empier
  • to buy and own clubs,pubs,factories,wearhouses and custamizes them and have theme nights
  • bring back hair cuts and grow your hair and have jell
  • the game should be be set in 2004 and after 100 missions the game jumps to 2006 and after 50 missioions the game jumps to 2008 searching for the antagoist and after 350 missions
  • the game jumps to 2015
  • money cheats explosions should be more real
  • better clothes like polo tops
  • rob anywere and go in any building
  • to own 100 clubs and pubs and have a massive map with deserts
  • the most things i really want is the grathics to be like gta iv and the player to be a casino owner a pub land ,macanic,drug dealer can saleman,mafia boss ,club ower businessman

  • NO PROPERTY BUILDING. that is for high mobsters which are annoying. Protagonist should be like Niko not interested in that shit.
  • Keep the realism and good graphics.
  • No bodybuilding, tattoos or haircuts, that was good in GTA San Andreas but it's old now. Whoever that guy was who said he wanted to gell your hair must be gay. This is GTA we're talking about.
  • Include customisation, but only to things like clothes, minor car customisation, and for the gay's, small safehouse customisation.
  • Less repetitive missions
  • Really dont make the player some mafia man who wears a suit, that is just crap, the player should be an outsider like Niko.
  • lots of realistic animations and movements, with different characters haing all unique animations.
  • Make it possible so that when u sleep (save the game) u can set an alarm clock to wake up at a certain time, instead of waking up 6 hrs later. Maybe the maximum sleep time can be 24 hrs and the minimum just 1 hour. This would make waiting for certain things easier and less tedious.
  • The girfriends and friend activities should be more realistic
  • Improve on the mobile phone mechanic.
  • Keep the setting within the fictional GTA world.
  • NO PLANES, they just can't be done realisticly, maybe a mission on a plane or something though, and make them destructable.
  • Definately more destructable environment.
  • Longer days in game, about 2 hours.
  • More weapons, but not the chainsaw or axe, because they are just sadistic.
  • Confirm that Chinatown Wars is shit and non-canon by completley ignoring it.
  • Intriguing story and characters.

Develop A Remake of GTA2 Into GTA IV Engine,Plus Allowing The travel to another cities of U.S And Cities Like Rio

  • Make it have stickshift cars and automatic cars*Flipit
  • i think they should make it where your an 16 year old orphan causing trouble and you get adopted by a criminal like niko or cj and you have to choose to be regular kid or gang member or a drug dealer and you grow up to be what youre gaurdian is and every 30 missions you become 10yrs older also niko or cj wife can leave them because of your story line and how you chooseMlm82698
  • A better cover system which makes it easier to aim Frohman2
  • Not sure if people are fond of this, but add a supermarket were you can buy food and store it in your safehouse so when you need to replenish your health you just eat some of your food you bought at the supermarket.Kanzler31 02:02, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • More geographic accuracy.Kanzler31 02:02, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Add activities like Saint's Row 2 does, but a bit different. Would like to see: Robbing Stores, Massacre, Car Jacking, Hitman, More random characters, Drug Dealing, Hit and Run and Firetruck Chaos (destroying stuff with a firetruck).Kanzler31 02:02, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Start off from a new city! Not just Vice City, San Andreas State and Liberty City! Start in new cities such as Detroit (GTA Name: Fordson), or Seattle (GTA Name: Seaport). Kanzler31 02:02, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Take place in foreign countries! Like Mexico City (GTA Name: Tenochtitlan), Tokyo (GTA Name: Asahi), Belgrade (GTA Name: Savezni Grad), Zagreb (Maksimir) or Johannesburg (GTA Name: Soweto) Kanzler31 02:02, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that there should be alot of stuff to do in GTA 5 like there was in san andreas (trucking missions, assets, car boat and plane school, unlockable vehicles etc)Bigryder

  • Give the protagonist the ability to go around the worldPacman74
  • i think that the game will be very cool if it takes location in like 3 countrys
  • 1st in Mexico
  • 2nd in Japan
  • 3th in London
  • in Mexico would be cool to divided in 2 cities 1 in Mexico city and the other in Monterrey which would be awesome cuz in monterrey there lotta mountains,rives and a it's a big city with some narcos just like in MC.
  • in Japan sould be Tokio and Ozaka,there big cities and would be great fight against the yazuka \m/
  • and at last but not less important London i don't need to say something cuz it's london one way or the other it's cool
  • I think the main character should be born in Italy (Sicily or Naples) and come over to assist an american mob family who is in threat of being destroyed. The main character should start out as a soldier and enforcer then rank up to a capo and be in command of his own crew. I also like the idea of him being able to hire body gaurds and thats kind of stuff. Also have it be based in liberty city but be able to fly an airplane down to vice city or over to san andreas

i think that this new game should have a storyline where the playable character dies in the last cutscene like in scarface. then, after you complete the story you should be able to customize your own character like in multiplayer in gta 4.

  • Some "cocaine" missions, in which you have to steal a speedboat and bring it back to a large ship (far offshore) or a building you own, then load the speedboat with several "white packages" with a crane, and then deliver the goods at another point avoiding being shot by rival gangs or the police. Gumstar

you should have tanks that instead of blowing the cars up acctually go over the cars and crush them and it should stay with the same name of rhinoStevener

  • Not be a gangster game like GTA: SA. Mark2k10
  • That you can co in to a normal car point the gun ar Him/Her an se drive me to groove street
  • i think there should be a setting in los santos and should be bloods and crips Mlm82698
  • Sweet has been killed and CJ is looking for the murder
  • you should be able to do multiplayer in story mode from 2-4 players like in gta:sa Mlm82698
  • ROCKSTAR should just make gta 5 bigger and better than the orignal one placed on that map
  • I want it set in London, with a accesible and drivable Tube. Addicted2gta 18:52, July 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • There should be more realistic police lights, such as LED lightbars, flashing lights in the grille, and more. Marshmallowbomb
  • Realistic LED lights on firetrucks and ambulances. Marshmallowbomb
  • Different police uniforms and cars for different parts of the map (Ex: LCPD, SAPD, VCPD, etc.) Marshmallowbomb
  • A fire chiefs truck, roughly based on a Ford Excursion (like in the FDNY). Marshmallowbomb
  • The game should be set in vice city in 2011/2012.** the emergency vehicles should be more realistic and the ai is improved so that if you decide to drive properly the traffic treats you like you are, not trying to drive around you.

if you still have gta4 you should be able to travel between cities for sightseeing and possible a few random encounters. there should be an optonal hardcore mode in which auto aim is disabled, you must eat food and sleep or else you will become hungry/tired. and if you choose to use hardcore mode the cars have peterol/diesel and if you use the wrong fuel it breaks the engine and police are slightly more harsh on your actions.

you should be able to lock cars, buy a car/s.

more side missions like unlimited taxi missions not just 10 and a police patrol type mission etc.

you should be able to get more clothes and a police uniform both offline and offline and a suit in online.

all law enforcement vehicles should have set spawn points and drive around in trafficClueless93

  • One more thing. In an online game the host should be able to kick people who join games with the intention to ruin the game for everyone else without everyone having to vote to kick. as is possible on the pc version of GTA IV Clueless93
  • You should be able to buy condoms and if you don't it should result in a child Niko's lowest
  • Model the tank/Rhino after an M1A2 Abrams. Be able to switch to the .50 cal machine gun on the top so you can mow down pedestrians. The .50 caliber bullet should have very high damage.
  • Ability to get followers (NPCs that follow you around and help you in combat). This idea adds on to the above (for example, you could be using the tank's cannon while s/he uses the .50 cal). (Note: This is optional so if you don't want a follower then don't get one.)
  • Ability for a certain boat to fire torpedoes so it can destroy other boats.
  • More realistic vehicle damage. If your car gets hit by a few bullets in the trunk area that shouldn't give damage but if you got a hail of bullets hitting the engine there should be lots of damage. Make it so the AI in enemies try to focus more on the vulnerable/weak spots of the vehicle (the engine, the tires, etc.). Also make it so that when your tires are popped (when shot or such) your car is much harder to control and if you don't strain yourself trying to keep it straight it spins out of control (also make it slower and make the driving rough).
  • More enforcer type enemies (I'm talking in the cops area here). Put in K9 units to search for you if the cops or SWAT or whoever is looking for you is having trouble (like if they haven't shot any shots at you for set amount of time). These dogs can pin you down and if not killed quickly they will either make it so you can't get up (which ends up in you getting busted) or they will kill you depending on how high your star level is (or if you have killed any cops). Give SWAT members riot shields and make SWAT member AI behavior want to take cover behind these shields (ex. there will be a few SWAT members with riot shields in front of all the other SWAT members and the SWAT members behind them will provide covering fire. They will try to flank you and advance.) Also give SWAT more tactical gear (flash bangs, smoke grenades, tear gas launchers, etc.).
  • Bring back the military but instead place them with the National Guard so that GTA V still has GTA IV's realism. --Insane! 04:38, July 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Oh and to add on to Niko's lowest idea: If you buy condoms and have sexual intercourse with anyone, there is still a chance of that condom breaking. The girl will get pregnant and you are given your options: Kill her. Let her have the baby and either raise it together or leave her and make her raise it herself. Also, in addition to getting drunk, having sex will garner STDs sometimes and of course, the chance of getting one off hookers or people in bad neighborhoods is much higher. While having an STD you will have a number of negative and very weird effects on yourself. If you don't go to the hospital and get it taken care of for a fee you will eventually die. --Insane! 04:44, July 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • be able to buy cars and houses and have more friends and more bulidings in which you can do stuff in and once again make the game be playable in vice city san andreas and liberty city nd england Mmws84
  • Don't put GTA V in England/London. it wouldn't work. The cops there can't even use guns. --Insane! 04:55, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

i think that gta 5 should be a game where you start out as a cop and then make a big mistake and then get blackmailed into doing errands for the mob. then after the boss that blackmails you should be the main antogonist and you should have to kill him in the end. then after the story,you become retired and just be a normal person but still be able to kill steal cars and everything like that. and you should since your a cop own a huge house and lots of cars and have a hot wife.Hollywoodpride24 14:33, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

  • Add Natural Phenoms, like earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, thunders, etc.
  • Be able to reveal your own photos on a photo revealing house, an can put them where you want in your house
  • Make a Zoo that you can enter to and do missions of zookeeper (feeding the animals, etc.)
  • Be able to enter to the hospitals and do nurse or doctor missions, and that you can feel bad and go there
  • Be able to break your bones doing stunts
  • Put more details in the vehicles, such as useful lifebelts on the boats, different kinds of tools on the pickups, etc.
  • The game should be called GTA: Harris City, and shouldn't be based on any other city. It should be 100% ficticious, divided on 5 districts : Robinson Heights (the hoods, similar to Los Santos), Lewisport (the industrial area), Rotsworth Vale (the high-class residential area), Oakenthrop Grassfields (the rural area), and finally McAllister Beach (the V.I.P. and beach area). Chuchemaister95
  • If anything, GTA5 should be super-moddable, like GTA San Andreas. Good times... Maxaxle
  • Hia, Listen i think that the major important thing to include on GTAV would be a replacement for mid range PC's, i have a laptop, i got it two years ago and its didnt even make the minimum requirements for GTAIV, I dont have an Xbox or a PS3 so i couldnt get it! I would have loved to have bought it because it looked like a great game but unfortunatley i couldnt run it and lots of my firends had the same problem!!!! Im not saying thta Rockstar should sacrafice the good graphics all together but maybe make an alternative for PC that is still good and as close to the origional as possible as it can but so the average PC/Laptop can run it!!! Apart from that im looking forward to GTAV and i hope i can actually bloomin' buy this one! Also other ideas, i liked it on GTA San Andreas where there was City and Country, so maybe Las Vegas/Las Venturas would be good with the desert or Paris with the French Alps and that could include the facilites of cable cars and Ski missions or maybe a Ski chase!!! Alos the Multiplayer on GTA IV looks brilliant so keep that all the way but offer more clothes to unlock (especially for women).Regina Folangi
  • you have to refill your cars and bikes, buy cars and customize cars and bikesAbitofcheese
  • it should be based somewhere in ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Abitofcheese
  • I also think that if your doing a police mission and have to shoot a criminal or criminal's car you shouldnt get a wanted level Regina Folangi
  • a BMW Isetta
  • a Scion XB
  • Toyota Venza
  • 1979 Camaro Z28
  • 2010 Camaro
  • Amphibicar
  • Vehicles with attachable trailers (boat trailers, camper trailers etc.)
  • Jet Ski
  • Sea Plane
  • small prop plane
  • EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! No!!! No more gore!!!!! I think its alright in GTA IV, but snapping necks and decapitating people is just too much!!!!!! Just shooting and stabbing and a little blood like it is currentley!!!!!!! Regina Folangi
  • it should be based in Seattle, Washington, or Singapore Evan Brown
  • I think that you should ditch the strip clubs! You wouldnt be losing any sales because nobody buys it for the nudity (except pervs but they will porbaly be in jail by now anyway). And maybe make the main character female OR similar to the barbers have a surgury section in the hospital where you can have surgury to change your apperance or gender!!!!!!!!!! Regina Folangi
  • well first off i would really love to buy houses condos manchins and buy stuff for them like saint row did dey had so much freedom and let you buy colthes and have ah mall and car lot were you can buy cars cuz you have all this money with nothing to buy but young sluts on the game and more women to date white black asian latin all races and wen you park cars on your property they stay and dnt be gone wen you come out and keep the phone we loved dat and please please let us customize the cars and bikes saints row were really killing you guys with dat SUPERKINGCHRIS22
  • they should make it so you can travel to vice city and san andres Hey george
  • I think it would be cool if you could create your player model with facial features, size, race, and sex and choose from a list of possible names. multiple cutscenes with each name selection. ShadowSoldier
  • I Strongly believe that there needs to be a option to turn on "Realistic mode" where the speeding, running red lights, ETC get you stars, destruction, seasons, construction, and when you kill somebody... there family and home is affected negatively. Then a "Roam mode where cheats are allowed and basically the entire gameplay is modded to whatever the gamer pleases. Also bringing back planes and tanks would greatly affect the game. Possibly the most important part would be instead of one city.. they build citys and release them as downloadable content. So the game is 100 percent endless. Having like a map of the US.. the white shaded is what you have and the red is available for purchase. 10 bucks a state.. connecting every state with real roads. If these were all including in the next grand theft auto, R* could not only gaurantee a instant all time record in sales. They could also assume that most will put forth the 10$ for a state. 560 bucks they could make of the record setting sales.... just a little hard work would be required. Gta FTW
  • More TV channels. Add NBC, ABC and ESPN.
  • Add a vuvuzela as a easter egg!
  • Niko Bellic must come back!
  • YEAH! Niko should come back!!!!! And like i said earlier i think thta the main thing is to make it so it can run on an average PC/Laptop!!!!!!!!! please, please, please!!!!!! Than i could actually buy a PC one of my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regina Folangi
  • the next game should be in Europe, I, like many others, are tired of the US! Let Niko and Roman return to Serbia. Niko meets his mother and the girl that he likes. He can also in the same game, take a plane to Bosnia and do missions there! (maybe kill the serbs that make the place a shithole!). Then maybe a new war between Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia breaks up!
  • you should be able to travle to different parts of the world on a plane and have the option to take control of the plane by killing the captin or just kill him and whatch the plane fall and jump out with parachute and a tiket should be 50$
  • You should be able to choose the colour of your car when you go into a Pay'n'Spray, and you should bring back custamisation Fllyiing Fiish
  • i think it should be in houston texas with interstates and everything the whole houston. and i think the cars should be just like actual cars and it should be barber shops and everything like san andreas but more realistic and we should have animals and kids along with school and churches and job buildings (big towers) and we should have planes back and all guns Gtaking1997

  • when the police pull us over let us get tickets and court dates instead of going to jail for hitting them and we should have subwoofers and car customization and 84' swangaz and smoke weed and sip lean and have the area code 713 Gtaking1997
  • The ability to fire every type of weapon from shotguns to pistols to machine guns from any vehicle/Peadar237
  • You should be able to do and sell drugs, go to parties, clubs, sporting events and put it in the DIRTY SOUTH
  • I have a shitload of ideas for GTA V, but the main ones are that the game should be set in an area about the same size as San Andreas, there should be A LOT of Myths like Ratman or Leatherface, some of which should be true and some not, and make them hard to find out! Also, bring customization back. It was like, the awesomest part of San Andreas. The main character should once again be a guy, maybe black, and PLEASE let him die at the end of the game! Make it a heroes death, some big sacrifice or something. Then play the credits at his funeral. Also, bring gangs back. Also, I loved the Multiplayer in GTA IV, keep that but make the lobby more fun. Also, GTA V should have other sidejobs, like, working in a supermarket, or Taxi Driver, stuff like that. When being caught with more than 3 stars and not having enough money to bail out, you should be in prison and either wait for a few hours/days or try to escape with riots or sneaking out and stuff. Don't make the game take place in some european country, specially not in some shitty 3rd world city. Keep it in america. Make the game world highly interactive and stuff, so you'll have fun with the game even after finishing all the missions. Make a lot of houses accessable and stuff. Oh, and keep it pervy! We want prostitutes and strip clubs and lotsa girlfriends! Thats it for now. ;D Flyingmoose

  • It should take place at least 20 years into the future and should involve rocket ships or space stationsIamBLV
  • Make trains damageable and able to explode
  • make it so you can interact with more things like be able to buy thing for your safe house, an armory that stores al the guns in the game so you dont have to buy or find a gun you like if run out of ammo or get busted.
  • they should make it so you can go to liberty city vice city and san andreas and you should be able to get all the houses that you were able to in themHey george
  • Make a Map very similar to Just Cause 2 but have the same gta 4 phisics. also need more fun cars like, trophy trucks, formula 1 cars, and rock crawling buggies Kevin Minato
  • Make it possible to join clubs such as rock crawling clubs, and off roading clubs, racing clubs, biking clubsKevin Minato
  • really beautiful seanery and different locations like snow toped mountains, and condenced forest, more variation in the world aswell Kevin Minato
  • More fun vehicles such as, offroad trucks, race cars, rockcrawling vehicles, hover crafts, UFO, formula 1 car, go cart, monster truck, mountain bike, bmx, and did i mention trucks spesific for offroad with a hire grip and crazy suspension with lots of articulation. Kevin Minato
  • there should be 2 mods! Carrer mode where you have the story and the specific character that you play as. and then there should be a freemode where you can really in depth costomize a character that you can play as. everything from the way they walk to the way they talk, as well as ther body shape. could possible even play as a child Kevin Minato
  • Rockcrawling trucks and rock crawling courses, lots of offroading locations and trailsKevin Minato
  • Make the playstation 3 and xbox 360 versions moddable just like the PC version is. mainly for car mods. also realistic car sounds and tire squeel sounds Kevin Minato
  • I think GTA 5 should be set in two new cities like Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Philadelphia because it's a very violent and diverse city and Atlantic City because of the casinos and the beach. The new protaganist should either be a sicilan mobster, a spanish gang member, or a asian gang member. A sicilian mobster because he could come over from sicily to philadelphia to help out the struggling italian mob there. He could rise up in the ranks (to captain) and own numerous businesses. His personality could be somewhat like niko's but have a great loyalty to the mob. A spanish gang member because there is a lot of spanish people in Philadelphia and some gangs too. Also a Asian gang member becasue of the multiple asian gangs in philly and the large number of asians in south philly.King jake
  • a golf course with golf carts
  • bring back the train
  • maybe some old cars, '57 Chevy Bel Air, '40's Willys, '69 Corvette, Dodge Coronet, Ford Model T, Lamborghini Miura, Ford Pinto, plymouth roadrunner, etc.
  • Stock car Racing, and you can steal the stock cars
  • Off roading trucks, Jeeps, dune buggys
  • More than one kind of limousine
  • mini cooper, smart car
  • Motorhome
  • houses you can buy, like in San Andreas, etc.
  • El Camino
  • Mail Truck, like USPS, but Alpha Mail
  • monster druck
  • demolition derby cars
  • Cruise ships, and cargo ships that you can steal
  • tractor
  • hovercraft
  • Volkswagon Bus/Van
  • construction vehicles, crane trucks, cement trucks, etc.Evan Brown
  • Just make sure that it is close to real life as possible, don't make it suck if you add mythical creatures. Aplle
  • GTA really need to do what they did in gta4 again. you know where theres like 3 or 4 games like gta5 then gta vice city gta liberty city stories, stuff like that, but they all interact at the same time in the game, like luis being at the bank while niko robs it, or when all the protaganists (crap spelling i know) are at the museme and niko and johnny are sellin diamonds for ray bocino who origanly stole them from luis and tony, so luis steals it back and then packie and niko steal gracie and long story short gay toni is out a few grand and gracie is safe, and a bum gets very rich and moves to vice city and starts a gun/beer shop. you know make it make you feel make you think. it needs a twist though a realy brillant ending that is so powerful it will make you play it again and just say "so thats why he bought the bomb" or "its him he did it dont trust him!" you know a game that is more than just a game a triolgy that maybe only 2 out of the 3 have happy endings. and also alot more interactive buildings, cause with all the buildings in gta iv it gets depressing with all the non interactive buildings, and PLEASE let there be an irish protaginst like luis or johnny, not so much as main as niko,but like a real irish accent not atotal failed bad dub accent, no one likes a dub accent! it should be a tipperary or kilkenney or any where south with a easy to understand not so rough accent, it would be cool. and more planes trains and automobeles! Niko Is A Serbian
  • well the idea of bringing back the old playable characters such as tommy cj etc wont work because in gta 4 if you go inside your house in bohan you will see writing on the wall that says rip tommy cj vic etc. so therefore, they are obviously dead and cannot be played. plus, not to mention how old they would all be since tommys story takes place in 1986 and cjs is in 1992. anyway, i have a great idea. you should make a new feature called incarceration. so like when you get arrested you should have to live the time inside jail and do work and everything that they make you do. that is just an idea to make the game more realistic.
  • you should be able to watch sports games on tv since they mention fictional sports teams alot in gta 4. Hollywoodpride24
  • i think that the new gta game should be more realistic in the sense of being arrested. what i mean is if you happen to get busted by the cops you should live the time in the jail cell and also you should be able to join gangs optioanally. Hollywoodpride24
  • they should put in every single weapon they ever had and more new one's like the m249 saw a chainsaw and more
  • they should open more stores like jewlry stores that you can rob to get a lot of money Hey george
  • call it gta 5 flordia and set arcross the entire state of flordia and bring back tommy as a charcter you have to kill also bring back vechlie missions and add some new ones like mail man and ice cream manButthead4
  • abilty to use drugs including crack ,cocaine,meth,herion,pcp and cannbis Butthead4
  • set it in flordia and have a mission where you sabotoge the space shuttle takeing off Butthead4
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas EB683
  • Put it in Atlanta in the early 90's and your character is a gangster in a street gang.
  • realistic damage to building, bridges, cars, trains,etc
  • and also bring back san andreas but even bigger
  • Have the San Andreas map exept make it bigger with real names
  • All vehicles drivable including the Tram
  • New Weapons including a drill, power sander and grinder
  • Bring back flying and floating cars cheat and heve it work on all vehicles
  • More Vintage cars like the Hermes and the Broadway
  • Should take place in the Carribean map expanding across a few island where neccessary transportation would consists of not only cars and bikes but boats and planes
  • The main character can be an american fugitive (of any race) accused of hainess crimes that he may or may not have commited and needed to flee america and goes to the carribean (bahamas, dominican republic, puerto rico, jamaica etc). working across a few islands for a bout 25% of the game then ending up in a south american country (columbia, venezuela,or Brazil etc) for the latter part of the game working for drug lords, corrupt gov't officials, etc. And the game will finally end in vice city to either clear your name or reclaim your status back in the states.
  • Bring back being able to own and manage businesses like vice city stories and have front properties for drugs, prostitution and protection rackets
  • Bring back planes and jet packs
  • Bring pack ability to purchase multiple safe houses and be able to customize the interior
  • Bring back car customization
  • Show womens breasts in the strip club, no one wants to see an old guys penis like in lost and damned.
  • Bring back ability to gain respect and have goons ride with you
  • Bring back working out and eating so much u get fat and throw up
  • the ability to create a character like in godfather and have restrictions based on specific characters ethnicity for the story (in the godfather game you get to create a character but he has to look italian which meant you could only darken skin so much and certain hairstyles etc) and have a much larger selection of clothes and shops.
  • Bring back alot more clothes shopping stores
  • Bring back ammunation, why was ammunation even left out, that's crazy
  • Have choices between killing some one or not affect the the relationships between you and you employers in the game to either hurt you or help you depending on the person you are working for....and maybe letting someone go can come back to bite you in your as* and affect your progression in the game or maybe come back to help you(a favor for a favor type of thing)
  • Keep the gun with explosive rounds from ballad of gay tony.... thats a hot gun
  • Garages can hold a huge amount of cars allowing you to chose any car in the garage at will from a list( walk in your garage, pick from a list of cars you have collected and drive out. easy as that) maybe have a limit between 5 and 10 per safe house
  • Keep friends with special abilities like the gun van
  • ability to date multiple women
  • Bring back Skill achievements for each gun and be able to upgrade and customize weapons
  • Ability to mount weapons on cars gatling guns and missle....only on cetain cars and be very expensive so it won't be to easy
  • Let me do a characters voice over in the game...lol....i really wish
  • set in 3 big city's and 15 small towns arcross flordia bring back tommy as a bad guy Butthead4
  • We Should Be Able To Smoke Cigars, Ciggerettes, And Weed. Be Able To Drink When Not With Friends Like In TBOGT. Bring Back Airplanes/Jets. Bring Back LC Cage Fighters. They Should Either Do Another San Andreas And Make All The Cities Accesible, Or Just Start With An Entirely New City. Make Cars That Need Gas. Be Able To Learn Different Fighting Styles Like In SA. Bring Back Working Out, Hair Cuts, Customized Cars, Bicycles, And More Clothing Selections. Make It So After You Get Busted You Have To Wait Around In The Jail And You Have To Fight Off Hairy Rapists And Stuff. Bring Back Paramedic Missions, And Taxi Missions. All In All Just Make It A Lil More Realistic. OH and make the protaganist a black guy DrBigRed
  • Please make it for PS2 and/or Xbox *Nygeh*
  • more weapons please like the original mp5 not mp10 and bring back the planes Drylander
  • We can enter as a passenger and 'Make your own mission' kind of thing and I hope it is Hollywood/USa and give us chance to kill hannah montana Maccer.
  • I think Ilyena Faustin should, somehow, be one of the major characters in GTA V. They should dress her more sexy and modern too. IlyenaFan
  • more cheats like in San Andres. flying cars super jump, spawn airplanes,exc. also more and better weapons like the chainsaw.

they should make the setting of the game in the whole world.

  • Airports, and more army or 'special' vehicles: little planes, tanks, cars attached to trailers or stuff to turn fast and use it as a recking ball lol Killerbassist

Make it MUCH MORE realistic

  • Update and make all the characters of the GTA III Era to be more realistic and provide more or lesser known voice actors/actresses for characters who were previously silent.
  • Include an extremely sophisticated swimming system in a non-traditionalised way with the diving element included.
  • Include side missions including Paramedic (rewards include Infinite Sprint and Max. Health Increases to Maximum), Vigilante (reward: Max. Armor Increases to Maximum) and Firefighter (reward: Becoming Fireproof).
  • Make the HUD more sophisticated; mix the HUD from both all the previous games (e.g. the health (red) and armor (white/platinum) bars from GTA: SA and number of health/armor points from GTA III/Vice City next to their respective bars).
  • Also, I think we should get to be a passenger and do extremely sophisticated drive-by shootings that involve using sub-machine guns, pistols, grenades, Molotov cocktails, assault rifles from any and every types of vehicles (cars, boats, planes, helicopters, bikes, trains, trams, subways, etc.) done by anyone including the player (passenger or driver) and non-player driver or passenger in any and every way including an analog stick-based/mouse-based camera and a 360 drive-bying combined in a sophisticated way. PK2PK2 10:05, August 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • make it in singaporeand make it that you can make your own player.
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas borjan
  • What I really want in Gta 5 is a Co-op mode like in GTA SA. That would be awesome. HeineMeini
  • About planes:
  • The Shamal jet plane must at least carry 5 gang members
  • Make the Andromada plane return with large cargo space
  • New helos like a blackhawk from modern warfare that can rapple down to the ground,airlifts that are kept in military places and gang members can enter it,littlebird chopper
  • can do fly-by
  • npc gang can pilot the helos while the player can fly-by

  • About weapons:
  • Customizable weapons like adding scopes(acog,holographic,red dot sight,red dot scope),silencers,grenade launchers,flare launchers,camoflauge(bought at ammunation only)
  • Bombs that can destroy tanks like:semtex
  • Make smoke effects better
  • Flashbang
  • Anti-tank weapons like javelin,stinger(better quality)

  • About vehicles:
  • replace the swat tank with a BTR-60 or 80(can only carry 3 gang members)
  • Predator drones
  • Patriots have usable miniguns(gang members can shoot and can carry 5 units including gunner)

  • About player:
  • Have a nice military uniform after vigilante
  • Can date girls(make them hot and sexy)
  • Smart,Strategic,knows his way around town
  • Have a ghellie suit that can be purchased at ammunation
  • Knows how to hold a gun like holding a any pistol with two hands

  • About weapon pickups
  • Can carry either one or two guns for (pistols,sub-guns)
  • Make deagle appear like in counter strike
  • Combat shotgun turns to xm1014
  • Pump shotgun turns to spas-12

  • About missions:
  • Make dangerous missions(stealth,demolitions,suicide,outnumbered)
  • Flying missions and have gang support fire/backup
  • Gang members can ride any transport like when the player is using a ground vehicle,the gang members will have to find alternative transport by highjacking
  • explosions more real and destroy anything
  • have a mission where you have 6 stars and escape the police in a massive truck and the player is in the back shooting them with a ak 47 and a rocket luncher with your gang members
  • you should be able to rob banks whenever you want to Hey george
  • make the guy american and only for xbox360 Hey george
  • you should have the ability to creat you person or even take a picture of yourself and upload it to rockstar so you can use your face You553

* i think that u should be able to create ur own character from scratch at the beginning also there should be a massive shoppin centre thts got loads of clothes shops but not the same as outside the shoppin centre!!!!!! when u get suits u should be able to choose, pants, suit-jacket, a shirt, tie, and shoes and there should be more than 3 cities or like godfather diffirent country's...... i hope my wishes are used.... thank u Harrye543


  • ~New cop system where they fine/warn you if u like push someone or do sumthing minor or if u do sumthing bad they chase u then if u stop arrest u or if u get out and fight they kill u
  • Able to buy furniture and stuff for your safehouse and re-introduce ability to buy houses like in GTA:SA
  • more variety of clothes
  • ability to buy cars rather than nick em
  • in gta sa u had to get a pilot lisence and a boat lisence to get into airports and that same for GTA5 to make more realistic way more non-story characters coz im sick of seeing like the same 3 people in a car lol
  • way more voice things coz o my gta4 everytime i get the cops they keep sayin stuff like "clear the streets people" or "get down" its annoying
  • ability to get jobs and earn money
  • get rid of the damn sixaxis tutorial i hate driving an infernus going to the cheats menu and clickin sixaxis instead!
  • or alternativlesy remove it from phone once u done it or give the ption to choose "are you sure you want to do this"
  • airports so u can go on holiday
  • abl to do more activites like see baseball/soccer/football whatever country
  • go to cinema so u can see cutscenes
  • rather than befriending story people give the option to chat with peds and possibly befriend them
  • kinda have the map but like different countrys so i dunno america england etc etc and then u could have like 3 different charcters in the different countrys then in different missions u fly/drive to the country to do a mssion with the other maincharacter
  • new vehicles lik submarine bring back te bicycle
  • do up vehicles but way more stuff to do em up with
  • more websites and like u can order stuff off of thm and have em deleivered o ur safehouse
  • like rather than a picture actually have the inside interior of most shops and also most shops enterable to buy like jewlery and stuff
  • if u have a girly friend buy gifts for her get em wrapped and that
  • thats all i got but if this were in the game then ima be a very happy guy

GTA V should see the introduction of a new city, such as Atlantis City (based on Atlantic City, New Jersey) or San Valdez (based on the cities of San Antonio and Las Vegas). Or reinvent Liberty City, rename the boroughs: The Banks (the Bronx), Brackely (Brooklyn), Park District (Manhattan) and Crowns (Queens)

  • i think that there should be a car resembling a 1968 ford mustang, the emergency vehicals should have more lights (like in the grill and windows), and make it take place in a city from canada... for example Vancouver and area. Oh and bringing back MOD garages would be cool too! Fordman14
  • All I ask is that you have more muscle cars.
  • 1961 "E Type" Jaguar
  • 1962 Ford Ranchero
  • 1964 Lincoln Continental w/ Suicide doors & Convertable
  • 1969 Pontiac Catilina
  • 1970 AMC Rebel
  • 1971 Moch 1 Ford Mustang
  • 1978 Ford Ranchero
  • 1979 Pontiac Trans AM
  • 1986 Pontiac Fierro
  • 1989 Chevrolete Corvette
  • 1992 Ford F-250
  • 1999 Ford Mustang w/ full body kit. Bumper, Spoiler, Side sweepers, Vinyals, chrome colors.
  • 2010 Chevrolete Camero
  • and make the police vehicals, 2010 crown victorias, a chevy silverado, chevey impala, ford f-150/250, and a type of van also. Fordman14
  • It should be in San Andreas, thats for sure. The Protagonist should be part of a drug cartel trying to establish their dominance in the city, and the drug dealing feature should be included. RedDeadMexican
  • SCFC-PRO I think the new GTA shud be in london in the late 80s because of the hooliganism in football and the new immigrants coming into the uk. also in the 80s london were best known for their mob and gangs such as the skinheads and the winchester bombers. Imagine the italian job but on a greater more destructive scale :P
  • you should be able t chose if you want to continue from gta 3 vice city 4 and you can go to jail play basketball befriend them and they pay you to bust them out

i thick that gta sa wus the bigest hit of all gta intill gta4 came along so i wish gta 5 is in san andreas becuse there alote of stuff to do there like fly a plane and drive arond the huge map and if they make it for the 360 live i thick eveyone is going to get it

  • to have wife and in the storyline you plot to kidnapp a billionair and the player betrays her and escape on a sea plane with £4,500,000,000
  • should be able to travel to different countries
  • When in a vehicle, make the default camera angle up a little higher over your car or bike so it's easier to see the road and the other cars. When in a helicopter have a lock on for missles or a reticle for aiming. Even though multiplayer is a ton of fun, I hate trying to get trophies or achievements for it. Please do not include any multiplayer trophies. Have the characters move a little faster when they are walking, and tweak the cover system so it feels a little more responsive, like in Red Dead Redemption. Other than that, surprise me. SuperWhimper
  • Customize gang members
  • All systems
  • Watch TV shows
  • Casinos
  • Universal ie liberty city,vice city,san andreas and Alderney
  • Build buinesses
  • Buy property
  • Large mansions
  • Girlfriends
  • Restaurants
  • Share a cannon with the GTA 3 and 4 eras
  • Customize characters
  • Cheats ie hydra
  • The story mode should be inter-linked with other GTA protagonists in different cities. Where the new protagonist goes from one city to another and assist them. Later become there friend and at the end of the story mode all of them team up and fight back.
  • The I New protagonist must be more like Luis from EFLC.
  • There should be different themes in different cities and the protagonist must quickly adopt to the theme in the city.
  • The should be fast cars,boats and planes to make the game look more exciting.
  • have packie as the protaganist. he goes to san andreas on a stop before travling to ireland and eventually meets up with Gerry (who escaped prison in TLAD) and does work for his irish gangster uncle (who he dislikes for mistreating him as a child.he also meets up with phil bell who left liberty city after gta 4. the story invlolves the 2 brothers trying to get rich before leaving the crime buisness behind which includes killing mayor julio ochoa for letting the hobo keep the diamonds. includes planes and helicopters Josh.L
  • PLEASE bring back the Euros (Nissan 300ZX). Great car!DJ Finn
  • How about making the setting in a Muslim country like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia Olympics 16:11, August 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that if there is a grand theft auto 5 you should be able to drive train's and planes again and planes should have auto pilot and a radar system and there should be places in the game that are actually in the real world and also having real life jobs that you could choose from and it should be ride in a limo just like in the taxi's from The Ballard of Gay Tony. And there should also be places where it is easy to wash emergancy vechiles and spray paint truck's/lorry's more easily and if you stop at a red light cars should not bash in to your vechile and i think the busses engine's should also turn off and the doors should close by pressing a button just by the door that also opens them again to gain access and all vechiles should have indicators/turn signals.
  • My GTA V wishlist:
  • A bigger selection of weapons, WW2 (M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and Thompson), Vietnam (M60 and M72 LAW) and Modern (All the current weapons).
  • Being able to purchase business's again.
  • Based on New York City as Liberty City, more detailed, as Broker, Dukes, Algonquin, Bohan, and Alderney. IV did a good job, just do a better job for Alderney being based on New Jersey.
  • More Vehicles/Cars:
  • Here are 12 sports cars, four of them are new:
  • Audi R8 (New Car, New Name)
  • Mercedes SLS (New Car, New Name)
  • Corvette ZR1 (New Car, Coquette ZR1?)
  • Corvette Z06 (New Car, Coquette Z06?)
  • Corvette (As the Coquette again, make it a C6, the C5 was amazing, but just make it newer)
  • Dodge Viper (As the Banshee again)
  • Ford GT (As the Bullet GT again)
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage (Change the Super GT to a V12 Vantage)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (As the Comet again)
  • Ferrari 458 (Change the Turismo to a 458)
  • Lamborghini Murcielago (As the Infernus again)
  • Maserati GranTurismo (As the F-620 again)
  • And Add the five Sports Coupes/Hatchbacks again
  • Muscle Cars, there were 12 in IV, I don't care if there back, but a few more would be nice:
  • A first gen Mustang (As the Stallion again)
  • A sixth gen (new) Mustang (New Car, New Name)
  • A first gen Corvette Stingray (New Car, New Name, though four Corvettes would seem to be a little too much)
  • A fifth gen (new) Chevy Camaro SS (New Car, New Name)
  • A (new) Challenger (New Car, New Name)
  • Here are some (10) Sedans, some are new, and most of the rest of them should return:
  • BMW 550i (Change the Oracle to a 550i)
  • Cadillac CTS/CTS-V (As the Presidente again)
  • Chevy (this gen) Impala/Malibu (As the Merit again)
  • Chrysler 300C (As the PMP 600 again)
  • Dodge Avenger/Charger (As the Buffalo again)
  • Ford Taurus/Fusion (New Car, New Name)
  • Honda Accord/Civic (New Car, New Name, it's the most common car in the streets, as it be in GTA V)
  • Lexus LS/GS (As the Lokus again)
  • Nissan Maxima/Altima (As the Pinnacle again)
  • Toyota Camry (New Car, New Name)
  • There were 30 sedans in GTA IV, so there should be about 30 more to this list making 40 in GTA V
  • SUV/Minivan/Crossover/Van/Pickup were good, so they can return, here are just a few to add:
  • Chevy (new) Suburban/Tahoe (New Car, New Name)
  • Nissan Murano/Xterra (New Car, New Name)
  • Toyota Highlander/Land Cruiser (New Car, New Name)
  • Toyota Sienna (New Car, New Name)
  • The trucks were fine, keep the Biff, Flatbed,Yankee, and Phantom
  • Still have commericial service vehicles
  • The service cars, of course will stay Police Car/Police Patrol, Enforcer, Ambulance
  • Armored Vehicles:Have WW2 (Sherman, T34, Tiger), Vietnam (M60 Patton and Bradley), and Modern (M1A1 Abrams) Tanks
  • Bikes: Have Sports Bikes, Dirtbikes, and American Choppers, and bring back regular bicycles, BMX and Mountain
  • Boats: Speedboats, kep the Jetmax and Squalo
  • Helicopters: Keep the Maverick, and have an even cooler armed-attack helicopter (Better than the Buzzard)
  • Planes: Have Biplanes, Jets, Airliners etc.
  • All in all, there were 124 vehicles total in GTA IV, so wit returning and new ones there should be atleast/over 150 in GTA V
  • Misc:
  • Have Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, and Pizza This return, be accessible/enterable, and have chains in every borough.
  • Enterable/Acessible Shops.
  • More Enterable/Accessible Buildings.
  • Make 24/7 enterable again.
  • Being able to buy food.
  • Being able to buy clothes.
  • Being able to buy gas from gas stations, RON, Terroil, Globe Oil etc.
  • Have Body Shops apart from Pay 'n' Spray.
  • Have Car Washes, Pay 'n' Sprays, and newer Body Shops (for modifactions and repairs).
  • Being able to to attach/dettach trailers from trucks.
  • Beng able to load pickup trucks.
  • Being able to jack airliners from the airport.
  • Being able to play sports.
  • Being able to play Baseball.
  • Being able to go to Liberty Swingers games.
  • Make it set in Summer (May, June, July, and August).
  • Being able to gamble.
  • General:
  • Have Family and Friends.
  • Being able to buy clubhouses/bars.
  • Being able to buy Safehouses: Apartments/Condos/Row-Homes/Houses and Mansions.
  • Customizing Safehouses.
  • Plot: Have the story be about a 34-36 year old Gambetti (Gambino) capo John Gambetti (Main Protagonist) great nephew of Carlo Gambetti (Based on Carlo Gambino) rise through the mafia ranks in the family. John was born and raised into the stressful, mafia lifestyle. John has to deal wth family and friends, a deceased father, a betraying crew he runs, and tension with the powerful Lupisella and Pavano families fight for power in the five families for power and money rackets, like the real life Gambinos fighting for power against the Lucchese and Pavano families. Have there be more detailed information on the Five Families (The Commission).

Thank You, NYYankees333 00:31, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

they should make more minigames like sports.

  • Ok... , change the character, change the missions, change the city make a bigger one and a new name, make the reloding and the weponds more realistic, make it in co op to (dis one is not my ideea but i think you should put wene you can take a personne to your shiel like a human shiel it s a really good idea) and one last think make the blood more realistic.
  • hope it help..XD
  • bring back jetpack from san andreas Eagleped
  • bring back jets from san andreas
  • more fun cheats
  • have parachute
  • new cool and fun stuff
  • more then one airport and being able to travel by airplans and go inside the airport and work as pilot Eagleped
  • being able to go out of space and under water Eagleped
  • add fishes to the water
  • super powers and high jump cheats
  • make it where people (such as me) can play it on their PCs that may not be built for gaming, i cant play GTA 4 on my PC, so make the system requirements lower please
  • have it take place in SA, but not as cj again. maybe someone else, like a balla, or another dirty cop like tenpenny.
  • add in a car like a 1996 impala, and a 1996 nissan 300zx.
  • more suvs/trucks, to make it more like present day.Dpick032
  • Set Grand Theft Auto 5 in Vice City and make the city much more closely based on Miami. PK2PK2 07:39, August 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • have part of the storyline where the player gets sent to prison and has to complete missions inside, murders, riots etc.
  • Perhaps one idea would be to give the player a mooring at one of the safehouses (later on in the game, obviously) to park boats at if needed
  • The player could buy improvements for safehouses (extra parking space, a TV, radio, or a computer to acces in-game internet)
  • More modern radio stations playing more recent popular hits (this could be difficult with music royalties, however) Markeh21
  • Also you should be able to drive ferry's while on the job and off and being able to own one all to your self that also acts as a save point which you can drive and decorate and there should be sky plus H.D. with real TV programs and radio stations and you should get a family too like a wife and couple of kids etc. and also be able to drive cars on to the ferry and walk around while you get taken over to another country like in real life. and own a nice big house with a drive-way and garage. And there should be a speed gage and miles travelled gage and a petrol gage and make it so you really have to top up on petrol and oil and water for window sprayers for the car and a button to control wind screen wipers and you should really break down and need to call a mechanic to fix your car on the side of the road or toe you to his garage and that's another thing you should be able to toe caravan's and trailers and trailers with other cars on them that you can load on and off on so you know how fast you're going and you should be able to personalise your character to look like yourself as much as possible. And have suit's with tie's and ordinary regular clothes and they should have a couple of cars made by every real manufacturer. And you should really get pulled over by police and they give you a ticket or search your car for drugs etc. D. Shields 09:32, August 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think the game should take place in a city not used before in a gta game, somewhere like Birmingham or Sheffield in England and should start where the character is just finishing his last day at school and is walking home with his friends when he gets jumped or sees an ambulance outside his home because his mum/dad has been murdered by his other parent and the game skips forward 3/4 years when the lad is in his late teens still looking for his father/mother. you should be able to travel across the uk and meet different people in different cities/towns/villages and do activities like going to a football (soccer) game or able to see the character actually clubbing like luis in episodes from L.C. also bring planes back and gym and also be able to change and customize your house and its interior and have different clothes like polos and tracksuits, plus buying things like bling and aftershave to increase sex appeal GeeMoney$$
  • locations should be vicy city,hollywood,las venturus,san diego,californa
  • 700 long hard dramatic storyline
  • robb anywere and go in all buidings
  • grow your hair and do different stuff with it
  • the game should be in 2004 in search for the villian of the game but after 100 missions the game jumps to 2006 and after 400 missions jumps to 2010 and after 200 missions the game jumps to 2015 were the player kills the villian of the game
  • have yacht and be a businesman and to own clubs,pubs ,factories,wearhouses,restruants
  • to break people out of jail
  • to buy lots of propertys and be a really tough dangerouse mafia boss
  • to buy a car at the start game
  • to have better cloths like suits and polo tops,and trackies
  • the grathics to be the same as gta iv
  • Give the protagonist the ability to go around the worldPacman74
  • tazer gun,AA12 shotgun,sawed-off shotgun,nuclear bombers,location moscow 2010 Artur Pownage Sart
  • I think GTA V is going to be in Carcer City From Manhaunt.It exist in The GTA universe Like some Peds From GTA SA say this when you bump into them "this isint Carcer city you know"And some of the mail in GTA Vice City have the return Adress "Carcer City" A Radio show in GTA SA "The wild Traveler" a women who speaks claims that shes from Carcer City.If You Drive bad in GTA SA some Peds will say "you drive like in your Carcer City" In GTA III The Corrupt Cop From Manhaunt is heard in the news that All Charges against him were dropped.In GTA SA a little easter egg in the cop staion in Los Santos shows that Cash,The guy From Manhaunt is wanted.Cash is from Las Venturas.The main guy From Manhaunt 2 is from San Fierro.Theres a virgo I think parked in one of the levels from Manhaunt.I think the main Character will Be Crash After he kills The Film Director and pigsy OR the main character from Manhaunt 2...There Should be a GTA Carcer city since there is none..And you could go to Liberty City Because in some of the GTA games a character gives the hint that Carcer City is VERY close to Liberty city....I hope you like my reasoning Og what GTA V is gonna be....Thanks
  • Each of the former protagonists are mob bosses and your player gets to work for each mob working his or her way up the ranks03:31, August 6, 2010 (UTC)Hexeryder719

I would like to be able to make choices during the story line, forever changing the outcome of events and the respect you get from the general public and the people you meet and greet, a bit more interaction is always good.

Add things like a cut 'n' shut shop where you could grab a few different cars and put them all together to make something compelety different and unique and be able to use it in online racing modes, the same with the guns.

As you go through the game, still depending on what choices you make, you start to get a name for yourself, people wanting to be friends with you, expanding your empire, you can go into shops houses etc and ask for protection money eventually having the police on your pay roll or determined to catch you depending on what route you took with the choices you had to make through the story, when you have an empire u can call the leader of different groups to do things for you with a number of choices of things to do i.e.

  • collect protection money
  • take out rival gangs
  • patrol
  • reward for a good job done
  • steal for you
  • protect places that may be/have been under attack

More customisation for your character:

  • Tattoos
  • Barbers
  • Clothes shops
  • Furniture and electrical shops to decorate your house/mansion
  • Attributes
  • ability to create and post all of the above to share with the gta comunity, of which they can rate

put your own music in, sort out all your music for the radio stations and plays all the music in that genre at random or u can make certain playlists and play them on an ipod in the car

You can steal hot exotic cars to export depending on the demand for export, each time someone creates a car it will appear on the story mode so you can hunt them down to export an put your creations online in the game for sale if anyone likes them

Co-op mode of up to 4 players would be fun as well, each one of you could have your ownarea that you control

work your way through era's from 1950 to 2020 and you can experience youself growing up from a 16 yr old teenager to a wealthy man/woman with a name for themselves tecnology breakthroughs and how the law changed, with the ability to get married, have kids (heirs to the throne so to speak) and if another player wants to join they can take control of them, with the challenge of keeping the misses happy

From the 50's to the 70's an easy way to get money would be selling drugs then that becoming alot harder in the later years due to the increase in law inforcement

A proper calander with your birthday, Christmas etc if you decide to celebrate them

Different continents, Like start of in America, then you can travel to europe asia etc and decide where youwant to settle down/overtake

Once you finished the story mode your online friends can send you messages with things they need done and your able to help them out one way or the other

Have random conversations in the street with a choice of replys so you can decide if you want them to be your friend or not

As you get in to fights you get skin defects i.e. scars where you been slashed or shot

an online creation software that the gta community can register to and create cars, guns, furniture, clothes and upload the to the game and share with/sell to (for game money) the world if they want to

The need to pull into a petrol station for fuel would be a nice little touch, if not the car dies on you, you can call car servicemen out to help fix the car

skills you can learn, i.e. Mechanic, Croupier, Scientist, TV presenter/Film maker etc.

  • More guns.
  • Maybe make an RPG (Role Playing Game) of Grand Theft Auto.
  • ALOT more easter eggs.
  • Have airbags that SOMETIMES work.
  • More choices in the storyline.
  • More illegal activites (Drug dealing, hitman, robbing, etc.)
  • If you are able to have kids, you can customize them. (Gender, face, weight, height, etc.)
  • Be able to watch cutscenes over agian on your tv. Also, be able to play mini-games on your tv, but still be able to watch regular tv.
  • add the python,slient weapons,minigun,m60(as assult rifle).also add in kids who carry weapons like wooden baseball bats wooden swords,stink bombs,water balloons and so on. Teokaijie
  • You should be able to make/buy businesses and upgrade them for money and bonuses, like bars and restaurants, or maybe even illegal warehouses.
  • You should be able to make businesses and gain money from them.ChrisusEnnius
  • If you have an allegence to more than one gang, like Niko, you should be able to
  • Takeover bouroughs that don't have gangs in them and choose which gang you want in them
  • Have gang members guard your house
  • Gang bosses send hitmen to kill you

You should have more options with friends and girlfriends, you should be able to

  • Sleep on your friend's couch, or in your girfriend's bed
  • Be able to hang out in your's or your friend's place
  • Have an option on your phone that says "Help" on your friend's page, meaning you can do freelance crimes, like robbery, theft, murder, outside of a mission with them (ex. Niko calls Packie with the Help option, they go rob a store and get paid)
  • You can call your friends for rides, just like when they call you
  • If you give your friend a ride, they might have a job or something going on, and you'll have the option to help them out for $500 or more depending on the crime (ex. After giving Jacob a ride to Star Junction, he asks Niko if he'll help him on a deal, press a button for yes and you'll help him and get money after he's safely home)
  • If you friend has a legitimate business, you can work for them, (ex. As Niko, Drive for Roman's taxi service, Deliver cars to customers for Brucie, Guard Hombrew Cafe for Jacob)
  • Have your girlfriend move in with you
  • You can go to your friend's place without calling them, and see if he/she wants to hang outChrisusEnnius