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Game GTA V
For Simeon Yetarian
Target Jimmy's BeeJay XL
Location Rockford Hills
Unlocks Father/Son
Unlocked by Repossession

Complications is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Simeon Yetarian to Franklin Clinton.


When Franklin arrives at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Simeon is speaking with a potential customer about a car. Shortly, Simeon tells Franklin to go to Rockford Hills to repossess the BeeJay XL recently purchased by Jimmy De Santa in an earlier mission, stating that Jimmy has failed to make his first payment. Franklin drives from the dealership to the De Santa estate, where a gardener is working. After knocking the gardener out, Franklin climbs onto the gardener's pickup to access an open window. After he sneaks past Jimmy, Tracey, Amanda and her tennis instructor, he takes Jimmy's BeeJay XL, with Michael covered up in the backseat, unbeknownst to Franklin.

After driving away from the De Santa estate, Michael emerges from the backseat, holding Franklin at gunpoint. Franklin attempts to explain the situation to Michael; however, Michael demands that Franklin drive to his intended destination, the dealership. Shortly before arriving at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Michael tells Franklin to drive the SUV into the front window. After crashing the SUV into the showroom, Simeon demands an explanation from Franklin, after of which the game switches automatically to Michael, who then proceeds to beat up Simeon. Simeon fires Franklin shortly after this mission.

Upon completing the mission, the game will explain to the player that certain missions are only available to certain protagonists, with Michael's missions highlighted in blue and Franklin's in green. The number in each character's section of the selection wheel represents the number of missions currently available to that character. The player can then choose to continue as Michael or switch back to Franklin.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 5 minutes.
Can't Touch This As Michael, do not take any damage from the fistfight with Simeon.
Dirt Nap As Franklin, knock the gardener out with a stealth attack.

Video Walkthrough

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