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This article lists the default controls used for Grand Theft Auto III on the PC, Xbox, and PS2.

For Xbox 360, Black is RB and White is LB.Items with a ? are currently unconfirmed or unknown.

Default Controls

Control PC XBOX PS2

On Foot

Fire Weapon NP0, LCTRL, LMB Right Trigger Circle
Next Weapon/Target NP ENTER, MWD D-Pad L R2
Previous Weapon/Target NP PERIOD, MWU D-Pad R L2
Move W/A/S/D, Arrow Keys Left Stick LStick
First-Person Look  ? Right Stick RStick
Zoom In PGUP, Z X  ?
Zoom Out PGDN, X A  ?
Enter Vehicle ENTER, F Y Triangle
Change Camera HOME, C White Select
Center Camera  ? Black L1
Jump RCTRL, SPACE X Square
Aim Weapon RMB, DEL Left Trigger R1
Look Behind NP1, MMB, CAPS LOCK Right Stick Button R3
Pause Game  ? Start Start

In Vehicle

Fire Weapon NP0, LCTRL, LMB Click Right Stick Circle
Steer Vehicle A/D, Arrow L/R Left Stick LStick
Accelerate Arrow U, W Right Trigger Cross
Reverse/Brake Arrow D, S Left Trigger Square
Exit Vehicle Enter, F Y Triangle
Radio INS, MWU, R Black L1
Horn LSHIFT, RSHIFT Left Stick Button L3
Change Camera HOME, C White Select
Pause Game  ? Start Start
Handbrake RCTRL, RMB, SPACE B R1
Turret NP9/NP4/NP6/NP5 Right Stick RStick
Dodo Up/Down NP9/NP6 Pull Left Stick Up/Down RStick
Look Left NP1, Q Right Stick L2
Look Right NP2, E Right Stick R2
Look Behind NP1 + NP2, Q + E Right Stick Button L2 + R2
Begin/End 30-Second Replay F1  ?  ?