Convoy Conflict

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Convoy Conflict

Protecting Lester's drug shipments.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Lester Leroc
Reward $500
Unlocks Evidence Dash
Unlocked by Arms Out of Harm's Way
Steal the Wheels

Convoy Conflict is a mission given to Huang Lee by Lester Leroc in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


(A meeting with Lester)

Huang: So, do the Angels of Death have a Fed rat?

Lester: I'm not sure but the boss's girl likes to gossip when she's been on the weed. The problem is, only the most respected guys can get near her. That's why I've agreed to solve a serious problem for them.

Huang: What the fuck have you signed me up for now, fat man?

Lester: Relax. All we gotta do is protect some gear the gang has coming in then I can get Meredith's loose lips working on me... I mean, for us. We're gonna know real soon if there's a rat in this gang. I'm a pro, baby. Seriously.

(At the docks with Lester)

Lester: This is the product we're gonna protect.

Huang: Who are we protecting it from?

Lester: No one. I think they were all just paranoid. Most of them have been freebasing for a week straight... You can shoot straight can't you? I'll sit up front, you can ride shotgun from where you are.

(In the bag.)

Lester: With this in the bag I'll get close to Meredith and get her talking. See you around, baby.