Cop Car Crush!

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Cop Car Crush!
Game GTA 2
For Trey Welsh, Zaibatsu
Location Omnitron, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $20,000

Cop Car Crush! is the first job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude by Trey Welsh of the Zaibatsu. The mission is available from the top of the two green Zaibatsu phones in Omnitron of the Downtown District.


Trey Welsh has discovered a snitch in the corporation who's been selling secrets to the police. He hires Claude to steal a police car, pick the snitch up, then kill him via the Zaibatsu Car Crusher.


Trey Welsh: "Hey, Gecko, it's Trey Welsh. An informer is selling Zaibatsu secrets to the Cops. There's a Cop Car parked down at the Cop Station in Zarelli. Steal it."

(Claude drives to the Zarelli Police Station and steals the cop car parked outside.)

Trey Welsh: "Good work, Gecko. Get your ass over to the Train Station in Avalon and meet Shady, the soon-to-be-dead snitch."

(Claude drives to the Avalon Train Station.)

Trey Welsh: "Use the horn, Gecko. He doesn't know it's you."

(Claude sounds the horn and Shady gets into the car.)

Shady: "Hey, wait for me!"

Trey Welsh: "Take Shady to the Zaibatsu Car Crusher in North-East Zarelli."

(Claude drives to the Zaibatsu Car Crusher.)

Trey Welsh: "Get out of the Cop Car, Gecko, and let the crane take over."

(Claude gets out of the car and leaves Shady for the crane.)

Trey Welsh: "Keeping the Zaibatsu Way secure is a full-time job, Gecko. Here's $20,000 for a job well done."


Completing the mission will give you $20,000.

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