Cop Land

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Cop Land
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target Coffee Shop in North Point Mall
Location North Point Mall
Reward $10000

Cop Land is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Tommy Vercetti, in which Tommy goes with Lance Vance to blow up a coffee shop in the North Point Mall.



One of Tommy's bodyguards, Mike, was supposed to destroy the store initially. However, Mike messed up the fuses and the cops are getting suspicious. Tommy must go with Lance, disguised as cops, to destroy the store themselves.

The Mission

Attract some police attention by running over or killing random pedestrians (there are many ways to attract police attention, but this is the easiest and safest way). Once you get one or two stars, drive to a garage where you can lure some cops in. Once you get to cops in, the garage door will close and Tommy and Lance will be disguised as cops once the garage door opens. After this, you will no longer have a wanted level. After this, get a cop car to the North Point Mall. It should be extremely easy to steal a cop car, because the cops don't arrest you since they think you are a cop. You can kill them to obtain a police car if you want. Once you get to the coffee shop, stand in a pink marker where Tommy will plant the bomb. You only have five seconds, so make a run for it!!! After the coffee shop explodes, you will obtain a 5 star wanted level and the FBI will chase you. Escape to Vercetti Estate where you will lose your wanted level upon entering the mansion.


Lance: You moron! What were you thinking?! Do you realize what this means? We could all be sunk!

Mike: The timer must have got screwed. That place was wired to go up like a firework factory. Then somebody tipped off the cops.

Tommy: What's the problem, fellas?

Lance: Mike was supposed to torch some place in the mall. But he screwed the fuses, and now the cops are crawling all over it. We gotta get our stuff and get outta here.

Tommy: Relax, both of you. Let me think for a second. Tommy Vercetti just doesn't cut and run. The cops are gonna be going over that building with a fine-toothed comb, right? But that takes time. We gotta go in and torch that place ourselves.

Mike: Yeah, but...

Lance: Nobody but a cop could get within a mile of that place!

Tommy: So we go as cops. We gotta get uniforms, and we're gonna need a squad car. All thanks to you, Mike.

Mike: I'm sorry.

Lance: I got it. What we gotta do is lure the cops with a finger, put em in a lockup, and jump em..

Tommy: Good plan. Let's go.

Mike: Alright