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A cutscene is a break-away camera shot, often with ensuing dialogue, that depicts events in a GTA game storyline over which the player has no control. Cutscenes generally apprear at the beginning of the game, at the beginning of missions, and at important milestones in the game. Cutscenes can also be shown at several points throughout a mission, usually in long mission with many sections. The purpose of the cutscene is to inform the player as to developments in the plot that are important to gameplay, and to provide a cinematic representation of occurrences throughout the story.


The first cutscene appears in Grand Theft Auto 3 and then followed by other Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4 era. To activate a cutscene, the player must step on blips, which, stepping it a cutscene ensues.


The cut scenes serve multiple purposes: as a visual narration of the storyline, as formal directives of a mission, and as a visual assessment of a scene and objective. During gameplay, mission updates and messages are relayed through text-based instructions given in the form of on-screen subtitles, or on a few occasions, the player character's pager, similar to GTA1. GTA III also includes one-time tutorial directives to familiarize the player with the game's controls and features.

This are the Grand Theft Auto games where cutscene plays a major role:


When using a carspawner, if the player spawns an AT-400in the plane landing cutscene, the player will get wasted, but when the player appears at a hospital, there will be no HUD on the screen.

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