Cutting the Grass

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Cutting The Grass

Catalina and Miguel in their meeting with Curly Bob.
For Salvatore Leone
Target Curly Bob
Location Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club
Reward $15000

Cutting The Grass is the second mission played for Salvatore Leone in Grand Theft Auto III.



Salvatore has come to a conclusion, the Colombian Cartel know what the Leone Family will do before the Leone family knows what they'll do, so he suspects there's a rat in the Leones. Curly Bob has been spending more cash than he's earning and Salvatore says that if he ain't pimping or pushing, he's talking.

The Mission

Salvatore tells you you have to follow Curly Bob from work as the barman in Luigi's Sex Club 7 to wherever he goes and see if he's squealing and if he is, then kill him. Get a car and drive to the Club, eventually, Curly will come out of the Club and get into a Taxi.

The Taxi will speed off, now, a spookometer bar will appear on the side of the screen, if the bar fills up, then Curly will see you're following him and he'll escape, so you can't get too close to him, but you can't get to far away or you'll lose the guy. The Taxi will eventually take Curly to the Portland Harbor.

In the Harbor, a cutscene will start. Curly will get off the cab and he'll talk to Miguel and, surprise, surprise...your former girlfriend, Catalina. He'll squeal on Salvatore and the Leones, so what you must do is clear, Whack Curly Bob! There are two ways to kill him, either by running him over with your car, or by getting off your car and shooting him, but beware, Curly is carrying a shotgun on himself.

Alternativly the player can take their own Taxi and ram the one Curly plans to take out of the way. Then drive him to the docks and continue as usual.


(Salvatore's House, Salvatore Leone.)

Salvatore: Leave us alone for a minute. The Colombian Cartel is making SPANK somewhere in Liberty, but we don't know where and they seem to know everything we doin' before we do. We got us a rat! There is a guy named Curly Bob, works the bar at Luigi's. He's been throwing more money around than he's earning. He ain't pimpin' or pushin', so he must be talking! He usually gets a taxi home after work. So follow him and if he's rattin' us out...Kill him!

(Claude follows Curly Bob to the harbor where he meets Miguel and Catalina.)

(Harbor, Miguel, Curly Bob and Catalina.)

Miguel: Here comes our little friend. Mr. Big mouth himself.

Catalina: Were you followed? You know that what goes on here is our little secret.

Curly Bob: No... no, I wasn't followed. You got my stuff?

Catalina: Here's your SPANK squealer, now talk.

Curly Bob: OK, so the Leones are fighting a war in two fronts. They're in a turf war with the Triads with no sign of either side giving up. Meanwhile, Joey Leone has stirred up some bad blood with the Forellis. Every day they're losing men and influence in the city. Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everyone and everything.

Catalina: With loyalty like yours, what does he possibly have to worry about?

(Miguel and Catalina leave, then Claude steps in and whacks Curly Bob.)

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