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Victor in a van moments before finishing off Marty.
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Mary-Jo Cassidy
Target Marty Jay Williams
Location Louise's Apartment
Reward The Compound
Unlocks To Victor, the Spoils, Trailer Trash

D.I.V.O.R.C.E is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories played for Mary-Jo Cassidy.


Victor drops by Louise at Mary-Jo's apartment however, she's not there. Mary-Jo informs Victor and reveals that Marty, Louise's husband is going to kidnap her own wife and turn her out into a whore in his brothel at Little Haiti. Victor rushes over to the trailer park and Marty's house just as Marty forces Louise inside his Bobcat and speeds off towards Victor who dives off and survives. Three of Marty's goons appear behind Victor and start attacking him, Victor kills them and quickly rushes to chase Marty's car while avoiding more goons on his way. The chase comes to an end outside the brothel and Victor kills Marty. Louise gets surprised and gets worried about her baby. Victor gets in the Bobcat and arrives at his new safehouse, The Compound in Little Haiti.


(Louise's apartment, Vic and Mary Jo).

  • (Mary Jo is in the apartment walking around nervously, then Vic enters).
  • Mary Jo: Who - Who the fuck are you?
  • Vic: Where's Louise?
  • Mary Jo: What? He took her - that animal he took her! He's going to do something wicked to her!
  • Vic: Wait, who took her? And who are you?
  • Mary Jo: Mary Jo, her sister...who are you?
  • Vic: Vic...a friend.
  • Mary Jo: Oh...it's...it's nice to meet you - I've heard a lot about you...
  • Vic: Who took her?
  • Mary Jo: That monster Marty. He said he's gonna turn her out...
  • Vic: Jesus. His own wife.
  • Mary Jo: Yeah, yeah, but he said he was gonna turn me out too! I promise you he did!

(The Trailer Park, Vic, Marty, Louise and a Redneck).

  • Louise: I ain't gonna be your whore Marty!
  • Marty: You've been whoring yourself on that Vic! Don't you deny it! Well if you're gonna act like a whore - you're gonna be one! Get in that truck!
  • (The truck speeds towards Vic, But Vic dodges the blow).
  • Vic: SHIT!
  • Louise: Vic! Help!
  • (Some of Marty's Rednecks arrive.)
  • Redneck: You looking for trouble...Vince?

(Marty's Truck, Vic and Louise).

  • Louise: I can't believe you killed him! How am I gonna look after my baby now!
  • Vic: You what? Marty was an asshole! He treated you worse than shit.
  • Louise: I'm sorry...I just...Hey, look...Mart's kin are gonnabe after you now. We better get you some place safe.

(The Safehouse, Vic and Louise).

  • Vic: Look, you and Mary Beth are gonna be better off without Marty, you know?
  • Louise: Are we? it's just everything's changing so fast...
  • Vic: Everything's gonna be fine...
  • Louise: You're okay, Vic Vance...


Upon completing this mission the player unlocks The Compound safehouse, the Trailer Trash outfit and the mission, To Victor, the Spoils.

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