Dam and Blast

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Dam and Blast
Game GTA San Andreas
For Caligula's Casino Heist
Location Sherman Dam
Reward + Respect
Unlocks Cop Wheels
Unlocked by Key to Her Heart

Dam and Blast is one of six missions in the Caligula's Casino heist path with Wu Zi Mu in Las Venturas.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Head out to Verdant Meadows and board the waiting Nevada in order to parachute onto the quay of Sherman Dam.
  2. Infiltrate the dam's main facilities, plant remotely detonated explosive charges on the dam's generators, and escape alive.

Detailed Walkthrough

Las Venturas

After you have dated Millie Perkins and acquired her key card, your next step in preparation for the heist on the main vault of Caligula's Palace is to provide a means of temporarily shutting down the power supply to Las Venturas. This will allow you and Woozie's men to crack the vault under the cover of darkness and the resulting confusion. To do this, you employ Zero, who has fashioned remotely detonated explosive charges, which you intend to use to knock out the generators at Sherman Dam, the city's main power source.

Your next step is to head out to Las Venturas Airport, where a Nevada is waiting for you on the abandoned airstrip. You must board the craft and fly it southwest to Sherman Dam, over which you will be prompted to fly into a corona (just as in Flying School). Once in the corona, you will be prompted to jump (exit the plane), and parachute onto the dam's quay (the concrete outcropping abutting the side of the rocky cliff).

Sherman Dam

Once on the quay, your next step is to sneak your way into the dam's main facilities. There are two guards patrolling the quay, so crouching and caution are certainly advised. A knife will spawn after parachuting onto the quay to enable stealth tactics to be used on the guards. Once inside the main facility, you will again be confronted with guards, and this time, plant technicians as well. You will be required to plant the explosive charges on the 3 main generators on the raised platform in this enormous room. Making certain not to be spotted by anyone in the room (sniping everyone first with a silenced 9mm is highly recommended), make your way down the raised platform, planting explosives on each indicated target. Once you are finished, you will be prompted to escape. Inevitably, you will be trapped on the top of one of the dam's control towers. In the resulting cutscene, you leap into the outlet channel to the south of the dam (which the game erroneously calls Sherman Reservoir) in order to evade the pursuing authorities.