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Daniel Lamb
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[[Image::File:DanielLamb-Manhunt2.JPG| ]]
Appearances Manhunt 2
Full Name Daniel Lamb
Aliases David Joiner (2013 onwards)


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth May 26th 1963
Age Now 54
Nationality American
Home 114 Bay View West, San Fierro, SA 94705 (1963 - 1985)
Family Sarah Lamb (wife, deceased)
Two unnamed children
Main Affiliations Leo Kasper (second personailty)
Michael Grant (best-friend, deceased)
Dr. Whtye
Dr. Deborah (deceased)
Dr. Pickman (deceased)
Judy Sender
Stanley Grex
Businesses Green and Becker Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Lab technician, 1986 - 1989)
McKenzie Druchner Inc. (Research associate, 1989 - 2007)
Voiced by Ptolemy Slocum

Daniel Lamb is a character in the 3D Universe and the protagonist of Manhunt 2. Daniel was born on May 26th in 1963, in San Fierro, San Andreas. Daniel graduated from San Fierro University in 1985, and by 2006 he was the top scientist for McKenzie Druchner Inc in Cottonmouth, Florida.

During his time working for McKenzie Druchner Inc, Daniel had a second personality implanted in his mind named Leo Kasper. Leo wants to take over Daniel's body for himself, and kills Daniel's best friend.

Leo then convinces Danny to kill a Project official, Stanley Grex at the Maibatzu Plaza with a Sniper Rifle and later destroy their records so they can disappear.

Leo then takes control and makes Danny kill his own wife. Because of this Daniel is locked away in Dixmor Asylum.

Six years later during a power outage, Daniel/Leo escape the asylum. Daniel has no memory of his past, but slowly regains information over the course of the game, and eventually kills his enemies, and after a philological-showdown with Leo, Daniel is freed from his mental prison. He forgets everything that had happened and continues his fresh new start as David Joiner with the help of Dr. Whyte.

Murders committed

  • Michael Grant (Killed while Leo took over his mind to get the key to escape Fisto Sugar Factory)
  • Stanley Grex (Killed to cut the Project's source of income)
  • Mrs. Lamb (Killed while Leo took over his mind)
  • Dr. Deborah (Killed while Leo took over his mind)
  • Dr. Pickman (Killed while Leo took over his mind)
  • Leo Kasper (Blocked out his personality, thus killing him)