Darnell Bros.

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Darnell Bros.
Game GTA V
GTA Online
Type of business Garment factory
Location(s) Popular St in La Mesa, Los Santos
Mission appearance(s) The Bureau Raid
Casing the Jewel Store
Cleaning Out the Bureau
Cops Capacity
The Jewel Store Job
Employee(s) Lester Crest (owner)
Guadaloupe Romero

Darnell Bros. is a garment factory owned by Lester Crest and located on Popular St in La Mesa, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The garment factory is used as a cover by Lester to plan various heists and criminal activities, using his employees (including Guadaloupe Romero) to help plan them. The pay and/or working conditions, however, are presumably poor as in 2013 two union officials visit the factory 'again' leading to production briefly stopping. Lester, after reuniting with Michael De Santa for the first time since 2004, uses the factory as the base to plan robbing Vangelico's Fine Jewelry and attacking the FIB building. Shortly before Michael leaves to attack the FIB building, Lester prepares for an electrical fault to burn down the factory to claim the money on the insurance and destroy all the evidence of his crimes. The factory is later sealed off by the LSPD.