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Dead Reckoning

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Toni visits Salvatore in prison, standing underneath the window of his cell. Salvatore is still irate at being put in jail and tells Toni that he wants revenge on Sindacco Family Don Paulie Sindacco before he leaves Liberty City. Toni drives to the dock at Cochrane Dam and sees Paulie in his boat. Paulie tells his men to shoot at Toni, who manages use a rocket launcher to blow up Paulie's boat.


Toni Cipriani: Hey Sal! It's me... Toni.

Salvatore Leone: Toni! It's good to hear your voice kid. These chumps won't let me see nobody! Listen, I got plenty of business to take care of. Take Paulie Sindacco. His family's finished in this town. But he thinks he can just run away, like he's got no dues to pay. I'm in jail because of that bastard! Make that son of a bitch pay.

(Toni drives to Cochrane Dam and approaches Paulie's boat)

Paulie Sindacco: You idiots! That's Toni Cipriani! Get him! You ain't got a chance of catching me, asshead!

(Paulie takes off)

Paulie Sindacco: Hey Toni! Why don`t you swim over here and kiss my ass?

(Toni blows up Paulie's boat)

Toni Cipriani: Ladies and gentlemen, Paulie Sindacco has left the building!

Post Mission Phone Call Script

Toni Cipriani: Yeah?

Donald Love: Toni? It's Donald. No wait, don't hang up! I've got a very exciting proposition for you... please call round at my current... um... residence, and I'll fill you in. Toni...? Please, Toni, have a heart. I'm calling you with my last di...


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000 and the Shogun Showdown and Panlantic Land Grab missions.


Video walkthrough

PS2 Version - GTASeriesVideos