Death Row

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Death Row
Game GTA Vice City
For Kent Paul
Target Saving Lance Vance.
Location Washington Beach
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Missions for Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.

Death Row is the only mission in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to be done for character Kent Paul.



Lance Vance tried to kill Ricardo Diaz on his own but he failed and Ricardo captured him. Now Diaz's guys are torturing Lance in the VC Junkyard, you have to save him and take him to the hospital, but hurry...Lance won't live for ever!

The Mission

After receiving the briefing from Kent Paul, a blue bar that indicates Lance's health will appear and start to go down, if the bar reaches it's end, mission's over, failure. Take a fast car and drive to the junkyard, there are two possible ways to do this mission:

1: Front Assault - This way, it's easier to free Lance but harder to escape the junkyard. A head on assault to the junkyard, park the car close to the junkyard entrance, but not too close, because if you park it too close it will be gone by when you come back. Then get in the junkyard and kill all of Diaz's guys, including the ones inside the Trashmaster and the one on top of the crane. When they're dead, run to the hangar at the end of the Junkyard and kill the guards near Lance, then go over to him and free Lance from his binds. Now you will have to get out of the junkyard and take Lance to the hospital (don't worry about Lance's health, the bar will have disappeared, but Lance will die if he gets shot or hit by a vehicle) run to your car, get in and make a drive for it, since four of Diaz's guys will come after you driving Comets and Cheetahs, make a mad drive to the hospital while avoiding Diaz's guys.

2: Unseen Assailant - This way it's harder to free Lance but easier to escape the junkyard. Drive to the junkyard, but go up a turning street that looks like a wide "U" and park your car next to the alley that has the sign that reads "Welcome To Hell", then get off and run down the alley, there will be a red bridge, cross it and go to your left, there will be a back entrance to the junkyard. Enter and kill the two guys near you, then all of Diaz's guys, except the ones guarding Lance and the guy on top of the crane, will come after you, kill them, kill the guy on the crane, kill Lance's guards and then go free Lance. Now go back down the secret entrance you came in and run across the bridge, don't worry, Lance will follow, run down the alley and get in your car, wait for Lance to get in and then drive! It will be extremely hard for Diaz's guys to catch up with you now, but it is possible, so drive to the hospital and drop off Lance.

Once you leave Lance at the hospital, the mission is complete.


(Malibu Club, Tommy Vercetti and Kent Paul)

Kent Paul: Awright mush, I'm gonna save your Vera, mate.

Tommy Vercetti: What the hell are you talking about?

Kent Paul: You know that wanker Diaz, The Bugle Master. He's got your boy, Lance. Word is your mate tried to jump him...Didn't jump high enough if you know what I mean.

Tommy: Where did he take him? In plaine English!

Kent Paul: Keep your barnet on! They got him across town at the Junkyard!

Tommy: Thanks...Paul!

Kent Paul: Bloody nutter!

(Junkyard, after Tommy frees Lance, Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance)

Tommy: There goes my careful planning blown to shit, thanks to you. You screwed up real good, Lance!

Lance Vance: He killed by brother. What do you expect me to do, mow his lawns?

Tommy: We're gonna have to take that prick Diaz out before he takes us out. You OK to use a gun?

Lance: Sure...I guess...nice to see you, too.

Tommy: Let's get out of here.

(Downtown Hospital, Tommy and Lance)

Tommy: Get patched up and meet me on the bridge to Star Island, OK?

Lance: OK, I got you.

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