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Kendl Johnson, Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson discussing comments made by construction workers towards Kendl
Game GTA San Andreas
For Kendl Johnson
Target Construction firm
Location Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas.
Reward none
Unlocks Photo Opportunity
Driving School
Unlocked by 555 We Tip
Not to be confused with Deconstruction for Beginners, a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Deconstruction is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by sister Kendl from Carl's garage in the industrial district of Doherty in San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl goes in the garage, checking on his team, who are working on a Remington. Suddenly, Kendl comes in, infuriated and all. Kendl says that the construction workers from the construction site next to the garage have been a nuisance to her, calling her names and hitting on her. Cesar quickly tries to go there to teach them a lesson, but Carl insists that he do it.

Carl goes to the nearby construction site to try and scare off the firm. Carl destroys six portables using a bulldozer in less than three minutes, which is the time when cops arrive. After that, Carl, who is still using the bulldozer, pushes a portable toilet into a ditch, since the foreman is in the portable toilet. Carl then uses a cement truck to fill the ditch with cement, burying the foreman alive.


Carl Johnson: Hey, homies!

Cesar Vialpando: What up, Carl?

Kendl Johnson: What the fuck is going on? Do I look like a hooker to you?

Carl Johnson: What?

Kendl Johnson: Those assholes keep saying shit to me.

Cesar Vialpando: Who said this to you?

Kendl Johnson: The construction workers up that hill.

Cesar Vialpando: I'm gonna fuck them up...

Carl Johnson: No, hold up. I got this. I need to go and teach them a little respect, huh?

Cesar Vialpando: That's right.

Carl Johnson: I been thinking about getting me some new land anyway.

(Foreman, coming out of the portable toilet)

Foreman: What's all that damned clatter?

(Foreman looks around the site)

Foreman: Holy crap! I didn't see nothing!


There is no monetary reward for this mission, but the missions Photo Opportunity and Back to School are unlocked.

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  • No matter what you put in the ditch before you bury the foreman, the cutscene will always only show you burying the foreman and therefore, the thing you put in the ditch disappears.
  • After this mission is completed, the spot where the foreman is buried in concrete will always be filled in and is completely driveable over.

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