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Denise Clinton

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Denise Clinton
[[Image::File:DeniseClinton-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Denise Clinton


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home House in Strawberry, Los Santos
Family Unnamed sister (deceased)
Franklin Clinton (nephew)
Tavell Clinton (nephew)
Main Affiliations Magenta Andrews (friend)
Pippy Eggerton (friend)
Mattie Horten (friend)
Tanisha Jackson (friend)
Julie Pollock (friend)
Voiced by Janet Hubert

Denise Clinton is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the maternal aunt of Franklin and Tavell Clinton, and the co-owner of a house in Strawberry, Los Santos along with Franklin.

Character history

Denise Clinton and two unnamed siblings grew up together, presumably in the poorer neighbourhoods of Los Santos. After the death of her sister, she begins to look after her nephew Franklin and, using the money given to him by his mother, he and Denise buy a house in Strawberry, Los Santos. Denise, however, later regrets buying the house as it is located opposite a liquor store and, when looking out the window, she can always see Tonya Wiggins, who she describes as a "crackhead". As Franklin grows up their relationship becomes increasingly strained and she begins to criticise him frequently for not urinating into the toilet, being a gang member, not being a good enough gang member, not cleaning up after himself and about him selling drugs, describing him as the "one mistake" her sister made. Denise seemingly has a good relationship with her other nephew Tavell and tries to convince him to get Franklin to move to Liberty City with him.

In 2013, having had a failed relationship, she becomes a feminist and holds poorly attended feminist meetings in Chamberlain Hills. She later hosts events at her house with Magenta Andrews and begins taking part in 'spirit walks' with her friends, to exercise her mind and body while chanting feminist phrases. She can also be seen doing pelvic floor exercises alone and with during her feminist meetings, while various self improvement books can be found throughout her house. Franklin later moves to a large house in Vinewood HIlls and, after initially believing he may continue living in Strawberry, changes the locks and turns the house into a 'center for women and women arts' without Franklin's approval, locking him out in the process. She later criticises Franklin for forgetting his roots and 'ignoring his homeboys'.

Mission appearances

Lifeinvader updates

Her own page
  • The house stinks of weed again. That boy needs to get his act together!
  • Come on ladies, where's the fight? Riots not diets!
  • How is it that Franklin can only pee around the toilet and not into it????
  • I am on my period. I AM ON MY PERIOD. From now on I will be proudly open about my menstruation!
  • When will I ever learn not to trust someone on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp????
  • No wonder I never get a second date with that boy walking ine very time I have a man home for coffee.
  • 50 vegan chia brownies going spare! Another pathetic turnout for the Chamberlain Hills Feminists meeting last night!
  • How hard is it to find gluten-free food in South LS?
  • Is it too much to ask for a little gratitude from my nephew??? I am not a maid!
  • Go for younger men. You might as well - they never mature anyway
  • We are women and we are free! Bringing an end to the patriarchy!
  • I hate living opposite a liquor store! All I see when I look out of the window is that crackhead Tonya!
  • All these years I've been telling Franklin he needs to save up and move out then he goes and gets a crib in Vinewood Hills???? Where was all that money when I was buying groceries?
  • Another disaster date! Why are men so intimidated by strong women?
  • That boy is disloyal to his roots! Ignoring his homeboys acting all superior! His grandmother would turn in her grave!
  • Blood is thicker than water...But family can stab you in the back too!
  • I'm a new woman! Spirit walking is cardio for the mind and body!
  • If you want a committed man, look in the mental hospital
  • Once and for all - is it pronounced broccoli RARB or RABAY?
  • Looks like another tantric evening for one :-)
Franklin Clinton's page
  • Whatever that gym sock is under your bed I want it gone by the time I get home
  • If this house is 50% mine why I am cleaning 100% of it?
  • Where's all this supposed money from this supposed job you've got? Cause I aint seen a cent come my way. It's your grandmother's fault for spoiling you too much! Classic only child.
  • Does this new crib mean you've moved out or you haven't moved out? How many homes do you need before you put some food in the fridge?
  • Bumped into Tanisha and her new man today. So I seen him now and, believe me, time for you to move on.
Tavell Clinton's page
  • Hope you're taking care of yourself and not trusting anyone. Maybe you can persuade your cousin to move out there with you?
Tanisha Jackson's page
  • For what it's worth I think you made the right move. He'll never grow up.