Devin Weston

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Devin Weston
[[Image::File:DevinWeston-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Devin Weston
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013 (in deathwish ending)
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Merryweather Security Consulting
Donald Percival
Molly Schultz
Solomon Richards
Steve Haines
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Vehicles Adder, Felon, Tornado
Voiced by Jonathan Walker

Devin Weston is a character in the HD Universe appearing as a main character and one of the two main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He is an influential billionaire hedge fund manager in the state of San Andreas, a developer of condo towers and shopping malls, and majority shareholder and CEO of Merryweather Security Consulting.

Character history

Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips first meet Weston at the warehouse where the FIB are torturing and interrogating Ferdinand Kerimov; however, they are not properly introduced. FIB Agent Steve Haines states that Weston is a close personal friend of his. After Michael and his crew rob an armored truck containing the IAA's bonds, Weston offers Michael a job stealing five high end cars as well as an opportunity to work with Solomon Richards.

Trevor and Franklin Clinton are properly introduced to Weston and his legal counsel Molly Schultz at the high rise construction site in Downtown. Weston wants Trevor, Michael, and Franklin to steal two of the cars he's looking for while under the guise of traffic cops. Weston gets Trevor, Franklin, and Lamar Davis to steal the three remaining cars and deliver them in Paleto Bay. When they deliver the cars, Ms. Schultz tells the three that they will not receive payment immediately, stating the money will be invested by Weston and released at his discretion.

Just as Solomon Richards is about to finish Meltdown, Weston wants to pull the plug on the film, stating that he can get a massive insurance payout; however, Michael does not want to see his first legitimate work destroyed, so he chases after Ms. Schultz, who has possession of the physical print, before she leaves Los Santos. Michael recovers the film; however, Ms. Schultz is accidentally killed when she runs in front of an active jet turbine while running away from him, and Richards reveals they have multiple digital backups. During the premiere of Michael's movie, Weston tells Michael that he sent Merryweather mercenaries to assassinate his family at the De Santa house. Michael goes to his house to save his wife and daughter and holds off the assault of Weston's henchmen.

Towards the end of the game, Weston shows up at Franklin's house, telling him that he wants Michael assassinated for ruining several of his business ventures and for getting Franklin involved with the federal government. Franklin tells Weston that Agents Haines and Norton want him to assassinate Trevor; however, Weston claims that he has the clout to end the careers of both FIB agents. Should Franklin decide to kill neither Michael nor Trevor, the three team up to track down Weston, kill his personal army, and Weston is forced into the trunk of his car and pushed to the bottom of the ocean. After Weston's death, Merryweather founder Donald Percival buys out most, if not all, of Weston's shares in the company, becoming the new majority shareholder in the process.


  • He describes himself as both "Darwinist" and "spiritual".
  • When he visits Franklin to introduce the game's final mission, he claims that "even the president lets (me) finger his wife".
  • His black Tornado, the one that is used to kill him in Deathwish, has a vanity plate that reads "MONIED".

Mission appearances