Devin Weston

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Devin Weston
[[Image::File:DevinWeston-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Devin Weston
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1962
Date of Death 2013 (in deathwish ending)
Age at Death 51
Nationality American
Home Tongva Hills, Los Santos County
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Main Affiliations Ray Navarro
George Rucker
Molly Schultz (from 2009)
Steve Haines
President Lawton
Don Percival (from 2013)
Solomon Richards (from 2013)
Michael De Santa (2013)
Trevor Philips (2013)<br /Franklin Clinton (2013)
Lamar Davis (2013)
Vehicles Adder
Businesses Greece
Richards Majestic
Merryweather Security Consulting (11%)
Los Santos Corkers
Banner Hotels
Dynasty 8 Real Estate
Vanilla Unicorn (uncertain)
Gastro Band
Universal Uniform
Toe Shoes
Al Dente's
Bourgeoix Cognac
Nogo Vodka
Patriot Beer
Debonaire Cigaretets
Good Aids
San Andreas Lotto
Pharte Gas
Los Santos Department of Nuclear Power
Pump & Run Gymnasium
Lobon Sportswear
Skiver Construction Corp
Squeeze One Out Juice Bar
Voiced by Jonathan Walker

Devin Weston is a character in the HD Universe appearing as a main character and one of the two main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He is an influential billionaire hedge fund manager in the state of San Andreas, a developer of condo towers and shopping malls, and minority shareholder of Merryweather Security Consulting. He is voiced by Jonathan Walker.

Character history

Devin Weston was born in 1962 and in 1984 graduated magna cum laude in Theater and Musical Therapy from the San Andreas Community College without attending a single lecture. He made his first million dollars one year later but spent it in a week. Devin, however, made his fortune in the tech bubble and by investing in a number of industries and products early, including the internet and Acai Berry (which he left with a nine figure sum). He also got married at some point prior to 2013 and divorced with his wife getting $135 million, which he described as "cheap at the price". According to his website, 'rode the bull till it split in 1997 and fleeced the bear till it bled in 2001'. He then 'revolutionized' the hedge fund industry by 'refusing to hedge at all' and continued to invest in a number of companies, bankrupting a large number from 2004, describing the number as more than hot meals he had eaten since 2004. In 2009 he began a raw food diet, which is the same year he employed Molly Schultz having personally headhunted her at a 'Resistance Training For Rwanda' benefit workout. He also claimed to have six black belts at the opening bell of the BAWSAQ stock market in 2009. He also purchased a house on Buen Vino Rd in Tongva Hills, a beach house and two ashrams.

Devin, who describes himself as an "adventure capitalist" rather than vulture capitalist, continued investing into various products, companies and countries. These 'may or may not include': The Country of Greece, Los Santos Corkers, Merryweather Security Consulting, the Die Already film franchise, the Banner Hotel chain, Dynasty 8 Real Estate, the Vanilla Unicorn Gentleman's Club, Gastro Band, Universal Uniform, Toe Shoes, Al Dente's, Bourgeoiz Cognac, Nogo Vodka, Patriot Beer, Debonaire Cigarettes, Orang-o-tang, Mollis, Good Aids, the San Andreas Lotto, Pharte Gas, Lando-Corp, the Los Santos Department of Nuclear Power, Pump & Run Gymnasium, Lobon Sportswear, Save-A-Cent, Skiver Construction Corp and the Squeeze One Out Juice Bar. His influence is so great that he created the 2007 financial crisis after he failed to close out his positions on the stock market before taking a 'volcano-kite surfing trip' to Nicaragua in 2007. Devin also established the Weston Alpha Fund to further his investments, which he based in the British Virgin Islands. The fund has a 'ground-breaking portfolio' including but not limited to: healthcare default swaps, asbestos repos, global warming myth futures, fracking forwards, biowaste binary options, Republic of Congo currency contracts, Chinese landfill floating rate notes, uranium ore cross-currency FRA and video poker machiens.

Devin's successful investments allowed him to make a number of powerful connections including President Joe Lawton, who apparently allows him finger his wife, and FIB agent and television host Steve Haines. In 2013, he also purchased an 11% share of Merryweather Security Consulting prior to them being allowed to be given defence contracts and part of the Richards Majestic film studio. Later in the year he meets Haines at a Covington Supplies where Haines has terrorist suspect Ferdinand Kerimov tied up before he is to be tortured. There he briefly meets Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips, two men the FIB have evidence on and can manipulate into doing their dirty work. Devin later meets Michael again, after he and his crew robbed an armored truck containing IAA bonds. He offers Michael an opportunity to earn money by stealing two high end cars and an opportunity to work with Solomon Richards, Michael's hero, at Richards Majestic.

Michael accepts and later meets Devin and his legal counsel Molly Schultz with Trevor and Franklin Clinton, an accomplice of theirs, in a construction site in Alta. The three are tasked by Devin with stealing two cars while posing as traffic cops from two young men with trust funds (Henry Smith IV and Sebastian). They retrieve the cars but Devin refuses to pay them until three others are also obtained. He decides, however, that he no longer needs Michael and instead has Trevor and Franklin steal the remaining cars. Trevor and Franklin decide to stop collecting the cars as they are not being paid but Lamar Davis, having stalked Franklin to the garage the cars were being delivered to, agrees to steal the final car. This includes the Z-Type owned by Chad Mulligan, one of only ten made. Trevor, Franklin and Lamar later deliver the cars to a truck stop near Paleto Bay but are told by Molly that their payment will instead be re-invested by Devin and released to them at his discretion.

During this time, Michael had been helping Solomon keep production of both Meltdown and Deep Inside on track. Devin, thanks to a loop hole found by Molly, wants to pull the plug on Meltdown to claim a massive insurance payout. Michael, having been named as one of the films producers, does not want to see his legitimate work destroyed. He chases Molly, who had possession of the physical print, before she leaves Los Santos. Michael recovers the film after Molly is accidentally killed when she runs in front of an active jet turbine while running away from him, although later Solomon reveals they had multiple digital backup copies. During the premiere of Michael's movie at the Oriental Theater, Devin tells Michael that he sent Merryweather mercenaries to assassinate his wife and daughter at the De Santa house. Michael and his son son quickly return home and Michael saves his wife and dauhgter, holding off the assault of Weston's henchmen.

Towards the end of the game, Weston shows up at Franklin's house, telling him that he wants Michael assassinated for ruining several of his business ventures and for getting Franklin involved with the federal government. Franklin tells Weston that he has yet to be paid for his previous work and that Agents Haines and Norton already want him to assassinate Trevor; however, Weston claims that he has the clout to end the careers of both FIB agents. Should Franklin decide to defy both Haines' and Weston's orders, the three team up to track down Weston, kill his personal army, and Weston is forced into the trunk of one of his cars and pushed to the bottom of the ocean. After Weston's death, Merryweather founder Don Percival buys out most, if not all, of Weston's shares in the company, becoming the new majority shareholder in the process.

Mission appearances


Murder committed


  • He describes himself as both "Darwinist" and "spiritual".
  • At the end of Blitz Play, he claims to own shares in a pro football team.
  • When he visits Franklin to introduce the game's final mission, he claims that "even the president lets (me) finger his wife".
  • His black Tornado, the one that is used to kill him in Deathwish, has a vanity plate that reads "MONIED".
  • Devin is one of very few characters in the series to be killed by more than one character. Being killed by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Much like Ricardo Diaz who was killed by Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance, Eugene Reaper who was killed by Patrick McReary and Derrick McReary and T-Bone Mendez who was killed by Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando.