Diablo Destruction

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Diablo Destruction is one of four RC Toyz missions in GTA III.

Name Diablo Destruction
Available after Right after the beginning of the game
Location Near the elevated railroad station in Hepburn Heights, Portland. The van is parked at the north east side of the cruciate block of flats, south of Head Radio.
Start Get in the bluish Toyz minibus
Task Blow up as many gang vehicles as possible
Vehicle Explosive RC Bandit dinky car
Time 2 minutes
Tow blow up Diablo Stallions
Reward For every successful blowing up 1000 Dollar


  • Through the blowing ups you create your own highscore. A new reward for the following tries isn't given until you beat your own score.
  • The RC Bandits are exploding at touch of a button or by driving too fast into something.
  • If a Bandit lands on the side or on the roof, you should blow it up very quick.